[CVCentralJobs] Seeking ML Algorithms Developers/ Engineers

Seeking ML Algorithms Developers/ Engineers

[visionlist] Postdoc – System and Cognitive Neuroscience – Beijing Normal University, China

Postdoctoral positions are available to study the neural mechanisms of visual perception and cognition in the State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning (SKLCNL), Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China.

The SKLCNL (http://psychbrain.bnu.edu.cn) is one of the most influential institutes for brain research in China. The institute receives ample annual funding from multiple sources, including the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education of China; it also offers state-of-the-art research facilities incorporating new technologies, such as behavioral and molecular genetics, 3T fMRI, multielectrode recordings in awake behaving monkeys, optical imaging, TMS and EEG. Well-established PIs recruited overseas form a multidisciplinary research team covering the fields of cognitive neuroscience, psychology, neurobiology, computational neuroscience, information sciences and education.

Dr. Jia Liu (http://psychbrain.bnu.edu.cn/teachcms/liujia.htm) studies the neural mechanism of object recognition and its heritability and experience dependency using multiple approaches such as psychophysics, fMRI and behavioral and molecular genetics. Dr. Wu Li (http://psychbrain.bnu.edu.cn/teachcms/liwu.htm) studies intermediate-level visual processing, including top-down modulation and perceptual learning, in both humans and behaving monkeys.

Candidates should have a doctoral degree related to neuroscience (including cognitive neuroscience and computational neuroscience) or psychology, and should have the ability to design and conduct experiments independently as well as to analyze fMRI or electrophysiological data. Strong computer skills including programming (MATLAB and C) are preferred.

The SKLCNL offers competitive salaries depending on candidates’ previous training and experiences.

If interested, please send a cover letter, a cv, a summary describing research accomplishments and interests, and the names and addresses of three references to Dr. Jia Liu (liujia@bnu.edu.cn) or Dr. Wu Li (liwu@bnu.edu.cn).

[visionlist] PhD student position in 3D mobile Computing (fully funded)

 PhD student position in 3D mobile Computing (fully funded)

Department of Applied Physics and Electronics have today approximately 100 employees. The main tasks are research, education and collaboration with the society. The department has approximately 700 full-time students per year in study programmes in civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, electrical power engineering, energy engineering, mechanical engineering and media technology. For a general presentation of the department, see our homepage: http://www.tfe.umu.se/english/ . For a general presentation of Umeå and the university, see the home page of the International Office: http://www.umu.se/international_office.

Within the field of 3D mobile Computing, we are now searching for a person with relevant competence and interest in 3D Vision, 3D Graphics, 3D Visualization, Human-Machine Interfaces, and/or Mixed Reality, especially in mobile computing. The successful applicant is expected to have a strong academic background in at least one of these subjects. Proven ability to work
independently and experience in analysis are considered to be important assets for this position. The candidate is also expected to be willing to work in a cross-disciplinary environment. The research will be performed under supervision of senior researchers and in collaboration with other PhD students in the group, as well as with our partners.

The duration of a PhD employment is four years at full-time studies, and is planned to lead to a doctoral degree. However, the employment can be a maximum of five years if it is combined with 20% teaching. The position is planned to be filled as soon as possible.

Applicants should have a M.Sc. (or an equivalent) in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a closely related field preferably not more than two years ago. In
addition, the successful candidate must have high level skills in programming (such as Java, C++, OpenGL, VRML, etc). Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English are required.

RequirementsApplicants should have a M.Sc. (or an equivalent) in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a closely related field preferably not more than two years ago. In addition, the successful candidate must have high level skills in programming (such as Java, C++, OpenGL, VRML, etc). Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English are required.

We believe you can work systematically and stringently, have the ability to work independently as well as in
collaboration with others.

Basic entry requirements are as follows:The person must satisfy the general entry requirements which is equivalent of 240 ECTS-credits of higher education studies of which at least 60 should be on an advanced level (Master level).

The requirements mentioned need to be met at the time of the last application date.

Application procedureA complete application should include:• A cover letter with contact information• A Curriculum Vitae with complete list of publications• Brief description of relevant background and experience, certified if possible• A copy of completed M.Sc. (or equivalent) thesis, if any.• Copies
of degree certificates, including documentation of completed academic courses and obtained grades• Copies of a maximum of 3 original research publications, if any. If these publications have several authors, the contribution made by the applicant should be made clear. • Contact information to two persons willing to act as references.• Description of software development experience, if any.• Any other information relevant for the position

All material should be submitted electronically or in a single printed copy. Electronically submitted material should be in Ms Word or PDF format.

For further information, please contact Assistant Professor Shafiq ur
Rehman, phone +46 90-786 93 73, shafiq.urrehman@tfe.umu.se or Head of Department Åke Fransson, phone +46 90 786 50 33, ake.fransson@tfe.umu.se.

For more details please  see


shafiq ur réhman, Tek. Dr.

Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik,

Umeå universitet,

Rum B418,

Tel : +46 (0)90 786 9373,


[CVCentral] Combining knowledge with data for generalizable and robust visual learning

Combining knowledge with data for generalizable and robust visual learning

[visionlist] Faculty positions, Psychology Department, Bilkent University

Bilkent University
Psychology Department
Faculty positions

Applications are invited for multiple posts (hiring at all levels) in
all areas of psychology, commencing September 2012. Applicants with
backgrounds in learning and memory, psycholinguistics, theory of mind or
developmental psychology are particularly encouraged. The Psychology
Department at Bilkent University is a young and growing institute, with
an emphasis on cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience in
research and teaching. Facilities available to our faculty members
include a 3Tesla MRI scanner, several fully equipped cognition and
perception labs, as well as animal facilities. Current faculty members
are well supported through national and international funds, and
collaborate nationally and internationally. Our students are highly
motivated and are ranked among the highest percentile in the Turkish
university entrance examination.
Candidates should have at least a Ph.D. at the time of appointment and
show evidence of outstanding research potential. The teaching load is
two courses per semester. The language of teaching is English across the
university. The salary is competitive and commensurate with credentials.
Rent-free furnished apartment on campus are available. Informal
enquiries and applications in the form of a curriculum vitae, research
statement, and three confidential letters of recommendation should be
sent to psy@bilkent.edu.tr. For more information visit

[CVCentral] Point Grey announces smallest USB 3.0 camera

Point Grey announces smallest USB 3.0 camera

[visionlist] ASSC12 2nd Call for Papers

Confirmed speakers:Presidential Address: David Rosenthal, City University of New York, USAKeynote Speakers:Thomas Metzinger, The Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat Mainz, Germany, topic: The SelfMitsuo Kawato, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Japan, topic: Engineering ConsciousnessTetsuro Matsuzawa, Kyoto University, Japan, topic: The Mind of the Chimpanzee

Kristen Eisenberg

Billige Flüge

Marketing GmbH

Emanuelstr. 3,

10317 Berlin


Telefon: +49 (33)



utebachmeier at



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[CVCentral] FTC to investigate privacy implications of face recognition

FTC to investigate privacy implications of face recognition

[visionlist] Postdoc position in New York (visual cortex plasticity)

Postdoc position in New York (visual cortex plasticity)

We seek a postdoctoral fellow who will work in a new lab starting this fall at the Child Health & Development Institute, Friedman Brain Institute of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City. Our lab (PI: Hirofumi Morishita, MD, PhD) uses mouse visual cortex as a model to study experience-dependent brain development to establish novel therapeutic strategies for neurodevelopmental disorders. We take an integrated approach, combining molecular, circuit, and systems level methodologies. Mount Sinai School of Medicine, located at Manhattan, New York City, offers an outstanding environment for a successful postdoctoral career. The school recently established a new institute system that fosters collaborations and expanding environment for neuroscientists across departments.

Qualifications: PhD in neuroscience or related field required. Past experience in vivo extracellular recording in visual cortex strongly preferred. Programming (MATLAB) experience is desirable. Experience with virus, optogenetics, psychophysics is a plus. Must be someone who shares the laboratory’s enthusiasm for understanding critical period brain development.

Application and required documents: 1) Cover letter, 2) Description of past research, skills, & interests, 3) CV, 4) 3 letters of recommendation (including one from the current supervisor, If available), or names and contact information (email & tel) of 3 references with a brief description of your relationship to each reference. Please send the above information as a single pdf file to hirofumi.morishita@mssm.edu

#### PI is welcome to discuss about this position between Nov.11-16 at Society for Neuroscience Meeting in Washington DC ####

Additional Information:
1) Morishita, H. et al. Science 2010; 330(6008):1238-40.
2) Morishita, H., Hensch, TK. Current Opinion in Neurobiology. 2008; 18(1):101-7. Review.
3) http://www.mssm.edu/research/institutes/brain-institute
4) http://hirofumimorishita.wordpress.com/

Hirofumi Morishita, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Neuroscience, and Ophthalmology
Assistant Professor of Child Health & Development Institute, and Friedman Brain Institute
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
One Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1230
New York, NY 10029
Tel: 212-659-8612 (Office: Icahn 10-20B)
Fax: 212-659-8574
Email: hirofumi.morishita@mssm.edu
Website: http://hirofumimorishita.wordpress.com/

[visionlist] Postdoc – Computational Cognitive Neuroscience – UCSD

Dr. Angela Yu will be interviewing candidates at Society for Neuroscience Meeting in Washington DC (Nov. 12-16).