[visionlist] Crossmodal Cognition postdoc in Bath, UK

Are you interested in doing postdoctoral research in the UK on crossmodal  cognition, attention, or sensory substitution? The Crossmodal Cognition Lab (http://webspace.qmul.ac.uk/mproulx/) is  moving to the highly-ranked Department of Psychology at the University of  Bath (http://www.bath.ac.uk/psychology/research/). The fellow would have  the opportunity to collaborate with other researchers in Cognition, Affective  Science & Technology Laboratories, and in other fields of psychology and  allied disciplines such as computer science.

The Crossmodal Cognition Lab has successfully hosted and co-hosted applications for the EU-funded  Marie Curie postdoctoral fellowship programme and for the Human Frontier  Science Program fellowships. Applications are therefore currently invited for  joint application to the Marie Curie and HFSP postdoctoral fellowship  competitions (deadline: 16 August 2012; start date: April 2013).

Please send your CV to Dr M Proulx mproulxbath@gmail.com to discuss  these possible opportunities. 

Applicants must fit the eligibility criteria for the funding, including a mobility criterion (applicants must not  have spent more than 12 months in the UK for the 3 years immediately prior  to August 2012).


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