[visionlist] Information Display Measurements Standard (IDMS)

The message below announces a new display measurement standard that may be of use to vision scientists.
Unlike many other such standards, this one does not mandate particular values, but rather defines terms and

describes measurement techniques.

The document is free, online, and available now.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Society for Information Display

Subject: Groundbreaking Display Measurement Standard to Launch at Display Week

Date: May 31, 2012 9:34:26 AM PDT
Untitled Document

Display Measurement Standard to Launch at
Display Week

International Committee for Display Metrology
(ICDM) and the Society for Information Display
(SID) are proud to announce the release of
the Information Display Measurements Standard
(IDMS). The IDMS will be the “Go-To”
document for standard measurement procedures
to quantify electronic display characteristics
and qualities. It is the culmination of years
of effort by engineers and scientists across
dozens of organizations to codify the science
of display measurement, explain some of the
difficulties associated with making measurements,
and offer solutions to help make the measurements
properly. The IDMS has benefited from the
expertise of display metrologists, electrical,
mechanical, software and optical engineers,
physicists, vision scientists, and many other
display-related disciplines.

promote the spread and use of the measurement
procedures and techniques within the display
community, an electronic version of the IDMS
will be made freely available. It is unprecedented
in the display community that a piece of work
of this scope and depth be distributed at
no charge. This decision follows the philosophy
of the ICDM and SID, which is to provide the
standard to as wide of an audience as possible
to help establish the techniques within the
document as the universal choice for display
measurements. SID and the ICDM expect this
document to continue to evolve over time,
with updates, supplemental files, and other
value-added content to follow.

IDMS features the following:

measurement procedures that are clear
and easy to use

library of commonly used and newly developed
display measurements

of new display measurements for current
and future displays

– allows a variety of equipment for measurements

and other supplemental sections included

diagnostics, cautions and useful hints

of using the IDMS include:

costs: consume less time and money due
to unambiguous definitions of measurement

development lead times by using standardized

a common language to reduce risk of disagreements
regarding performance

customer satisfaction by having more accurate,
reliable, and repeatable performance characterizations

provide all measurement procedures and
auxiliary information under a single cover

Chair, Joe Miseli, says “The IDMS is
the first standard from the ICDM and SID.
It is a defining work for evaluating displays
and is the most comprehensive display measurement
and metrology standard yet produced. It provides
a full set of common and more specialized
display measurement procedures to characterize
display performance. It also includes new
and innovative measurements never before standardized
for characterizing modern displays, as well
as many references to clarify and expand upon
metrology foundations and techniques. It builds
upon the tremendous amount of work of many,
especially the editor-in-chief, Ed Kelley,
a former NIST physicist and one of the foremost
metrologists in the display industry today.
The IDMS is written in plain English with
abundant use of graphics and examples that
will make it simple to use and so can be widely
applied throughout the display industry. It
is all-inclusive so that everything one needs
is available in a single volume.”

SID President, Brian Berkeley, states “SID
is proud to announce the availability of the
first release of the IDMS. This landmark standard
is the culmination of untold hours of effort
on the part of contributors representing a
broad cross-section of the display field.
The IDMS is the single most significant display
measurement standard to be released in more
than 10 years. Working under the auspices
of SID, and with the cooperation of the Video
Electronics Standards Association (VESA),
the ICDM has created a valuable standard that
truly advances display measurement science.
The IDMS will enable and promote consistency
in the characterization and reporting of critical
display performance parameters. Considering
the rapid pace of innovation and advances
in display science over the past decade, the
IDMS meets a tremendous need for the display
industry. SID congratulates and extends its
thanks to all of the ICDM members for their
profound contribution.”

IDMS is the follow-up to the Flat Panel Display
Measurements Standard (version 2.0) and is
used extensively by the industry since its
publication by the VESA in 2001. The IDMS
does not set performance standards, but gives
guidance about how to measure displays. This
will allow component suppliers, display manufacturers
and customers to clearly communicate, understand
and agree with the measurement and characterization
methods upon which performance standards are

electronic version of the IDMS will be available
as a free download from the ICDM home site
at http://www.icdm-sid.org
as well as the SID website at http://www.sid.org.
A printed version will also be available for
purchase through the SID online bookstore.

The ICDM is a part of the SID Definitions
and Standards Committee. Members of the ICDM
are some of the foremost experts in the fields
of display metrology, display engineering,
vision science, physics, optics, and color
science. The main activity of the ICDM is
the authorship and maintenance of the IDMS

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Society
for Information Display (SID) is the only
professional organization focused on the display
industry. In fact, by exclusively focusing
on the advancement of electronic-display technology,
SID provides a unique platform for industry
collaboration, communication and training
in all related technologies while showcasing
the industry’s best new products. With more
than 6,000 members worldwide, the organization’s
members are professionals in the technical
and business disciplines that relate to display
research, design, manufacturing, applications,
marketing and sales. To promote industry and
academic technology development, while also
educating consumers on the importance of displays,
SID hosts more than 10 conferences a year,
including Display Week, which brings industry
and academia all under one roof to showcase
technology that will shape the future. SID’s
global headquarters are located at 1475 S.
Bascom Ave., Ste. 114, Campbell, CA 95008,
USA. For more information, visit http://www.sid.org.

The 49th SID International Symposium, Seminar
and Exhibition, dubbed Display Week 2012,
will take place June 3-8, 2012, at the Boston
Convention and Exhibition Center, Massachusetts.
Display Week is the premier international
gathering of scientists, engineers, manufacturers
and users in the field of electronic-information
displays. For more information on Display
Week 2012, visit http://www.displayweek.org.

You’ll be able to leverage Twitter and LinkedIn
networking tools to promote your activities
at Display Week 2012. Right now, you can follow
us on Twitter at @DisplayWeek,
and also share your own Display Week-related
tweets using the hash tag #DW2012. We also
encourage you to promote this hash tag to
others within your company to increase your
share of voice in the Display Week Twitter
stream. You can also join the SID LinkedIn
group below.



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