[visionlist] [CFP] Call for Papers: IEEE TechSym 2014

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Re: [visionlist] CRS ColorCAL 64bit drivers? (Paul Lovell)


I was in direct contact with them. The normal programs (e.g. LightScan) do not work with 64 bit systems, but they are working on it. However, you can get it running through Matlab if it is connected in CDC (serial cable) mode. Here is a stripped version of a script I use (assume it is connected as COM3. There is also a calibration part I excluded for lack of space, but that can be found on the CRS homepage):

ColorCALIICDCPort = ‘COM3’;
s1 = serial(ColorCALIICDCPort);
fprintf(s1, [‘MES’ 13]);
dataLine = fscanf(s1);
for k = 1:length(dataLine)
if dataLine(k) == ‘O’
myStart = k+5;
elseif dataLine(k) == ‘,’
myEnd = k+6;
myMeasureMatrix= str2num(dataLine(myStart:myEnd));
myStart = k+7;
denom = sum(myMeasureMatrix,1);
xy = myMeasureMatrix(1:2,:)./denom([1 1]’,:);
xyY = [xy ; myMeasureMatrix(2,:)];

I hope this stripped down version works well (I don’t have the ColorCal with me at the moment to test). Otherwise, you can send me an email to robert.rosen@amo.abbott.com and I’ll mail the full script which is tested to work and include comments.

Hi Everyone,

Does anybody know if there are 64bit drivers for the CRS ColorCal (the original one, not the MKII).

The CRS website hasn’t been very useful, neither has the Minolta/Konica.

Best wishes,


[visionlist] British Ocular Motor Group 2013

[visionlist] CFP-USA2014 : ICPRAM special session on Urban Scene Analysis: interpretation, mapping and modeling

Dear ColleaguesWe cordially invite you to submit papers to the special session on Urban
Scene Analysis: interpretation, mapping and modeling (USA 2014),
organized in the forthcoming International Conference on Pattern
Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM) which will be held on
March 6-8 2014 in Angers, France. First Announcement & Call for PapersUSA 2014: Urban Scene Analysis: interpretation, mapping and modelingWeb Link: http://www.icpram.org/USA.aspxPaper Submission Deadline: December 17, 2013Scope_________________________

[visionlist] CRS ColorCAL 64bit drivers?

Hi Everyone,

Does anybody know if there are 64bit drivers for the CRS ColorCal (the original one, not the MKII).

The CRS website hasn’t been very useful, neither has the Minolta/Konica.

Best wishes,


[visionlist] Second hand luminance meter

Dear Colleagues,
Our lab is
looking to buy a high quality second hand luminance meter for monitor
calibration for vision experiments. In the case you have an extra
luminance meter just sitting in a corner of your
lab and you would be interested in selling it to a good home, please
let us know.

[visionlist] REMINDER: Register for the CVS 50th Anniversary

Dear CVSers, CVS Alums and Friends of CVS,

I am excited to announce that the Center for Visual Science turns 50
this year! In recognition of this milestone, we will be hosting a CVS
50th Anniversary Celebration that will be held October 18-20, 2013, in
Rochester, NY.

This event begins with a Welcome Reception on Friday evening, October
18, 7-9pm, in the Flaum Eye Institute Foyer, continues with talks from
current and former members of CVS and poster viewings on Saturday,
October 19, in Goergen Hall on the River Campus, followed by a banquet
at the Colgate Divinity School at 6:30pm and, finally, a brunch at my
home on Sunday, October 20, 10am to 12 noon. For additional event
details and to register, please click on the following link:

I look forward to seeing you in October!

With warm regards,

David Williams
Center for Visual Science

[visionlist] Deadlines Extended to Oct 7: CVAB 2013 @ ICCV 2013 (International Workshop on Computer Vision for Accelerated Bioscience + Insect Soup Challenge)

Call for Papers [Extended Submission Deadlines]

International Workshop on Computer Vision
for Accelerated Bioscience (CVAB 2013)

and Insect Soup Challenge

At the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)
December 2, 2013, Sydney


+ Background +
This workshop aims to combine biological and computer vision research
to enhance the scientific understanding of life.

Non-destructive visual measurement is a cornerstone of biology,
underpinning some of our most basic understandings of form and function.
Yet, there have been relatively few efforts to accelerate these processes
through the use of Computer Vision techniques. Bottlenecks exists when
getting information from the physical to the digital domain
(acquisition), assembling the raw digital data into a more meaningful
form (analysis), and when adding knowledge to the data to enhance its
usefulness (annotation). In each case there are many opportunities to
employ Computer Vision research.

+ Topics +
This workshop will explore and showcase research efforts that apply novel
Computer Vision techniques to better our understanding of natural
organisms. Topics will include, but are not limited to:

* 3D Reconstruction of Plants, Insects, or Animals
* Microscopic Computer Vision
* Multi-scale Computer Vision
* Structural analysis of organisms
* Tracking of animal motion or behaviour
* Capturing the growth of individual organisms
* Co-registration of optical images with volumetric scans
* Capture of reflectance and transparency
* New insight from existing scientific image collections and archives
* Human-in-the-loop interfaces for classification and annotation
* Computational photography of specimens
* Computer Vision in harsh/outdoor environments
* Case studies, including practical challenges faced by

+ Paper Submission +
Authors are invited to submit research, case study or position papers of
2 to 6 pages according to the (two-column) formatting guidelines
available on the ICCV 2013 conference website at
http://www.iccv2013.org/author_guidelines.php#formatting. Submitted
papers will be reviewed in a double blind process. Only electronic
submissions will be accepted and the online submission system will be
made available via the workshop website.

+ Insect Soup Challenge +
This year’s workshop also includes a Computer Vision Challenge,
separate to the papers submission. This offers practitioners an
additional way to participate. Further information can be found at:

+ Invited Speakers +
John La Salle, Atlas of Living Australia
(Others TBA)

+ Important Dates +
Submission of papers due 7 Oct 2013 [Extended]
Insect Soup submissions due 7 Oct 2013 [Extended]
Notification of acceptance 18 Oct 2013
Submission of camera ready papers 29 Oct 2013
Workshop 2 Dec 2013

+ Workshop Chairs +
David Lovell, CSIRO, Australia
Matt Adcock, CSIRO, Australia

+ Program Chairs +
Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research, UK
Chuong Nguyen, CSIRO, Australia
Hongdong Li, Australian National University, Australia

+ Program Committee +
Alexis Tindall, South Australian Museum
Andy Deans, Penn State University
Antonio Robles Kelly, NICTA
Chunhua Shen, University of Adelaide
Congtian Lin, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dadong Wang, CSIRO Computational Informatics
Donald Hobern, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
Graham Brown, AQIS
Jiangning Wang, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
John La Salle, Atlas of Living Australia
Jun Zhou, Griffith Univeristy
Ken Walker, Museum Victoria
Li Cheng, ASTAR Singapore
Nicole Fisher, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
Ying Zheng, Duke University

[Imageworld] Workshop on Active Robot Vision – WARV 2014

Workshop on Active Robot Vision – WARV 2014http://www.visigrapp.org/WARV.aspxIn conjunction with the 9th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications – VISIGRAPP 20145 – 8 January, 2014 – Lisbon, PortugalCO-CHAIRS

[Imageworld] IJCV: special issue on Deep Learning

Dear Colleague,
We are pleased to announce that the International Journal of Computer
Vision will have a special issue on Deep Learning.

We welcome submissions on any topic related to deep learning and feature
learning applied to vision.
The submission deadline is February 9th, 2014.

For more information, please see the attached call for papers.

Best regards,

Marc’Aurelio Ranzato
Geoffrey Hinton
Yann LeCun