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[visionlist] PhD in Developmental & Brain Sciences at UMass Boston – accepting applications for Fall 2014

The PhD program in Developmental and Brain Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Boston is accepting applications for Fall 2014!

The PhD program in Developmental and Brain Sciences at UMass Boston is now accepting applications (review of applications will begin on December 16th, 2013). This is the only Neuroscience program at a public institution in Boston. The DBS program is an intensive,
developmentally-focused, research-based program. Students in the program (including international students) typically receive full tuition remission and serve as Teaching Assistants (with a competitive stipend) for four years. Core faculty (Jane Adams, Erik
Blaser, Vivian Ciaramitaro, Tiffany Donaldson, Richard Hunter, Zsuzsa Kaldy, Celia Moore, Jin Ho Park, Mohinish Shukla, Ed Tronick, and Susan Zup) engage in research ranging from cognitive development and psychophysics to neuroendocrinology and behavioral
genetics. Students may follow a Cognitive specialization investigating functional changes in perceptual and cognitive abilities and/or a Behavioral specialization investigating neural and hormonal correlates of behavior. New lab spaces for the program will
be housed in the Integrated Sciences Building (to be completed by Fall 2014), part of our campus on the Columbia Point peninsula, just a few miles south of downtown Boston and Cambridge (http://goo.gl/maps/6PfLM). Successful
applicants will likely have significant research experience. We especially encourage members of underrepresented populations in neuroscience to apply. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact faculty member(s) whose research is of interest.
For more information or to apply, please visit http://dbs.psych.umb.edu or email dbs@umb.edu. Review of applications will begin on December 16, 2013.
Erik Blaser, Ph.D.Graduate Program Director, Developmental and Brain Sciences PhDAssociate Professor, Department of PsychologyUniversity of Massachusetts, Boston100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA  02125 erik.blaser@umb.edu

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[visionlist] RAST for Neuroscience 2013, San Diego, Nov. 9 – 13

Dear all,

Apologies if you have received multiple copies.

I am please to announce the Related Abstract Search Tool (RAST) for
Neuroscience 2013 (SfN2013)!

The RAST was developed by the former Laboratory for Neuroinformatics at
RIKEN Brain Science Institute. The lab has been closed, but I’m glad
the tool could have been made available this year again!
The RAST for Neuroscience 2013 (SfN2013) can be accessed at


For mobile devices such as iPad,iPhone,and Android based tablets
and smartphones, a web application is available at:


Since this is a web application, all you need is a web browser.

The RAST allows you to search not only by providing keyword(s), but
also by selecting one or multiple abstracts which you are interested
in to search for its related abstracts. This feature may provide
results focused on the user’s interest. That is, abstracts related
to a single abstract by means of document similarity may belong to
a different research topic. However, abstracts mutually similar to
multiple selected abstracts have higher chance in belonging to the
similar topic. RAST also suggests possible candidates of keywords
by automatically extracting major words from the list of related
abstracts. You can also use these words to refine your search.
Moreover, not all related abstracts will contain the provided
keyword(s). These abstracts cannot be searched by the ordinary
keyword search, and thus we call them “Hidden treasure”. You can
create a list by clicking on Add to Cart button at each abstract,
where abstracts will be sorted by date and time. You can also
print the list with or without the abstract body from your Printing
Cart. You can restore your “Printing Cart” by saving the ID which is
displayed on the top right corner. Try and find your “hidden treasures”
with RAST! A quick guide is shown on the top page, and a detailed
guide can be accessed by clicking on “How to use”.

Any comments or questions are very welcomed at:

Shiro Usui

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