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[visionlist] Ph.D. in Vision Science at SUNY College of Optometry

[visionlist] PhD studies in Perception and Action (deadline Jan. 3)

Dear Visionlist users:

The Perception Action Cognition (PAC) Lab is looking for new graduate students with a starting date of August 2015.
Please check out the lab website for more details: http://ocean.otr.usm.edu/~w785427/lab.html

Current research topics include

space perception
postural stability
fractality of motor behavior

What I am looking for in a graduate student is a dedicated, highly motivated person with excellent quantitative and behavioral statistics skills.

The successful applicant will receive a full paid assistantship (with a tuition waiver) that is renewable every year for 4 years.

The deadline for applications is January 3, 2015. As part of the application package we require the submission of transcripts, GRE scores, TOEFL (for international applicants), statement of research interests, and 3 recommendation letters.

Submit an application to the Experimental Psychology PHD program here: https://usmgrad.admissionpros.com/default.asp

For research topics, please check out my google scholar profile:

[visionlist] research position available on multi-camera systems

*************************************Apologize for multiple postings *************************************

We are urgently seeking candidates for a 1 year position (renewable) as a research associate on the topic “3D Computer Vision methods for multi-camera systems” at DIBRIS – Department of Informatics Bioengineering Robotics and Systems Engineering, Università degli Studi di Genova – Italy

Summary: The goal of the research is the design of methods for  (1) building and calibrating multi-camera systems including both traditional and depth sensors, (2) acquiring 3D information in real-time from the above mentioned systems.The designed methods will be applied to different contexts, with particular reference to industrial systems for object scanning,  and augmented reality environments in which the user can interact with virtual objects. The research activity will cover theory, algorithms and applications, and will be carried out in a stimulating multi-disciplinary context. The research fellow will be partially involved in the EU FP7 SAFEPOST research project.

Candidates must have an excellent academic record and own a Master (II level) Degree in one of the following topics (or related fields): Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics. Although not strictly necessary, a background in computer vision is an asset. The research fellowship might open possibilities for a PhD position starting from autumn 2015.

Interested candidates are kindly requested to contact Francesca Odone francesca.odone@unige.it before they proceed to submitting a proposal. 

The general call is http://www.unige.it/concorsi/assricerca/documents/dr1662.pdf

Research themes can be found at http://www.unige.it/concorsi/assricerca/documents/all1662.pdf (the theme object of this advert is “programma 3”)

The application deadline on the university website is 15/1/2015, https://concorsi.unige.it/home. 

The submission procedure is in italian. Non italian speakers are encouraged to contact me first so that we can help you with the application.

[visionlist] Postdoc and PhD Positions at University of Bonn, Autonomous Intelligent Systems Group

The Autonomous Intelligent Systems Group of University of Bonn invites
applications for several Postdoctoral and fully funded PhD positions.

Candidates should have a background in one of the following research areas:
* Autonomous micro aerial vehicles,
* Service robots,
* Humanoid robots,
* Search and rescue robots,
* Simultaneous localization and mapping,
* Environment perception,
* Manipulation and locomotion planning, or
* Machine learning for robotics.

Candidates for Postdoctoral positions must hold a PhD in robotics or a
field, such as computer science or electrical engineering. Top-level
publications and good organizational skills are important. Successful
candidates will have the opportunity conduct independent research and at
same time contribute to the ongoing projects listed below, guiding PhD
and master students. Payment will be according to TV-L-E14 54,500-65,000
per annum, depending on experience.

Candidates for PhD positions must hold a university Master’s degree in
science, mathematics, electrical engineering, or a related field. A strong
mathematical background and programming skills are important. Successful
candidates will conduct focused research towards a PhD in Computer Science
and contribute to one of the ongoing projects listed below, guiding master
and bachelor students. Payment will be according to TV-L-E13 46,000-50,500
Euros per annum, depending on experience.

Applications in PDF format should be sent by email to behnke@ais.uni-bonn.de
with the subject line “Postdoc Application” or “PhD Application”.
Please indicate in your cover letter your main achievements, the
research area
or project where you want to contribute, and your availability date.
A list of publications and transcripts must be included.
There is no application deadline. Positions will be filled as soon as

Autonomous Intelligent Systems Group:
The University of Bonn has a long tradition in robotics research and
outstanding groups in robotics. The Autonomous Intelligent Systems Group,
headed by Sven Behnke, has developed award-winning cognitive robot systems,
including domestic service robots, autonomous micro aerial vehicles,
soccer robots, robots for mobile manipulation in rough terrain, and
robots for
intuitive human-robot interaction. Contributions include efficient
methods for
RGB-D and laser-based SLAM, semantic environment perception, robot
object manipulation and tool use, bipedal walking, multimodal human-robot
interaction, and learning from demonstrations and own experience.
Further information: http://www.ais.uni-bonn.de/research.html

Ongoing projects in the Autonomous Intelligent Systems Group:
* H2020: CENTAURO – Robust Mobility and Dexterous Manipulation in Disaster
Response by Fullbody Telepresence in a Centaur-like Robot

* FP7: STAMINA – Sustainable and Reliable Robotics for Part Handling in
Manufacturing Automation

* DFG Research Unit “Mapping on Demand”:
– Local Perception for the Autonomous Navigation of Multicopters
– Autonomous Navigation for Object Capture with Multicopters

* DFG Priority Programme “Autonomous Learning”:
– Autonomous Learning of Bipedal Walking Stabilization
– ALROMA: Autonomous Active Object Learning Through Robot Manipulation

* BMWi: InventAIRy – Identification with Autonomous Flying Robots:
Autonomous Flight Control

* DFG: Development of an Open Humanoid Soccer Robot

* German Aerospace Center (DLR): Cooperative Exploration and Mobile
Manipulation in Rough Terrain (DLR SpaceBot Cup)

University of Bonn has an international Master in Computer Science
Programme where you can specialize in Robotics. All lectures are in English.
Excellent students can be supported by research or teaching assistant jobs.
Further information: http://master.cs.uni-bonn.de

More information on the Federal City of Bonn:

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