[visionlist] MICCAI Challenge on Liver UltraSound Tracking 2015 (CLUST15)


http://clust.ethz.ch The purpose of this challenge is to present the current state-of-the-art in automated tracking of anatomical liver structures in ultrasound sequences. We invite participants to evaluate their methods on a dataset of at least 70 liver ultrasound sequences from volunteers under free-breathing. These will include 2D and 3D sequences, where liver landmarks and the liver boundary (e.g. diaphragm) annotated in the first frame shall be tracked for the whole sequence. Training data (40% of all data) and part of the test data (40%) will be released by mid of April. The remaining 20% of the test data will be distributed during the MICCAI event for on-site assessment of the methods. Tracking results shall be submitted by mid June. Tracking performance will be evaluated (based on manual annotations) by the organizers. Manuscripts (4-8 LNCS pages), describing the used algorithm and reporting the results for the test data, will be reviewed for acceptance to the full-day MICCAI CLUST event. The accepted contributions will be invited for on-site assessment and presented at the CLUST workshop. Their performance for the whole test dataset set will be summarized in a joint journal paper.IMPORTANT DATES  Release of training data                April 9, 2015  Release of test data                    April 15, 2015  Tracking results submission deadline    June 15, 2015 Paper submission deadline               June 22, 2015  Notification of acceptance              July 7, 2015  Submission deadline for accepted papers July 22, 2015 Workshop date                           October 9, 2015ORGANIZING COMMITTEE  Valeria De Luca, ETH Zurich, Switzerland  Emma Harris, Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, UK  Ali Kamen, Siemens Corporate Technology, Princeton, USA  Muyinatu Lediju Bell, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA  Christine Tanner, ETH Zurich, Switzerland For more information and data download see  http://clust.ethz.ch


On behalf of all organizers,  Christine Tanner


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