[visionlist] CfP: Summer School on Autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicles

for Participation
=========================================================  TRADR Summer School on
Autonomous Micro
Aerial Vehicles
=========================================================                August
24th-28th, 2015     Birlinghoven Castle,
Sankt Augustin,
Germany     http://ift.tt/1HXLLE3

* Abstract:   Micro aerial vehicles
(MAV) such as
multicopters have  become a popular research tool
in recent years
and are  used in an increasing number of
domains, e.g.,  aerial
photography and inspection tasks. Most MAVs are  remotely controlled or follow
GNSS waypoints
in obstacle-  free heights. Many tasks
navigation in complex 3D  environments, close to
obstacles, however.
Hence, the   degree of autonomy of the
MAVs must be
increased.   The objective of the
school is to give
students deep   insights into the
currently leading
approaches to 3D   environment perception,
navigation planning, and  control of autonomous MAVs.
Lectures by internationally
  leading experts will
provide the
necessary theoretical   background for hands-on
exercises with
* The program is based on three pillars:   – Theory: Ranging from
state estimation
based on multimodal   
sensors and environment mapping by cameras
and laser     scanners over control
of dynamic
flight, obstacle     avoidance, navigation
planning, and
exploration to contact    with the environment and aerial
  – Case studies:
Leading micro aerial systems
for research     on autonomy such as Ascending
Firefly, the     “Mapping on Demand” and
copters of University    of Bonn, the multirotors
developed at CMU, the
aerial     manipulators of
University of
Seville, and the DelFly     flapping wing MAVs of
TU Delft will
be presented.     
  – Practical
exercises: Students will apply
the theory in     hands-on tutorials.
Technologies will provide    sensor equipped Firefly copters
for these.
Participants    are encouraged to also bring
their own micro
aerial    vehicles. Space for indoor and
experiments with    autonomous micro aerial
vehicles will be
* Speakers:   –
Michael Achtelik, Ascending Technologies, Germany  –
Gabriel Agamennoni, ETH Zurich, Switzerland  – Daniel Cremers, TU
Munich, Germany  –
Guido C. H. E. de Croon, TU Delft, Netherlands  –
Aníbal Ollero, University of Sevilla, Spain 
Sebastian Scherer, Carnegie Mellon University, USA   –
Angela Schoellig, University of Toronto, Canada  –
Cyrill Stachniss, University of Bonn, Germany

* Application for participation:   The number of
participants is limited.   Interested researchers
and students
need to apply by June 20th.   For more information and
submission please visit:   http://ift.tt/1HXLLE3

* Organizers:    – Sven Behnke, University
of Bonn /
Fraunhofer IAIS  – Hartmut Surmann,
Hochschule Westfalen
/ Fraunhofer IAIS  – Rainer Worst,
Fraunhofer IAIS
* Acknowledgment:   The school is supported
by the EU FP7
ICT project TRADR   “Long-term Human-Robot
Teaming for
Robot Assisted Disaster  Response”, grant agreement no.


[CVCentralJobs] By: Filter Cloth

By: Filter Cloth

[visionlist] Neural Metrics 2.0 : Deadline approaching (June 15th)

Neural Metrics 2.0 : Connectomics & Large-Scale Methods

The Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour/Radboud University is organizing a summer school on neural metrics with the aim to get participants acquainted with the quantitative analysis of neural organisation and function. In Neural Metrics 2.0 we will build on the success from the previous year, focussing on methods for understanding brain networks such as connectomics as well as large scale and Bayesian methods, with world class speakers, hands-on tutorials, student projects and an interactive debate. The topics covered range from cellular connectomics to human functional connectomics.

The course is designed for PhD students and starting postdoctoral researchers working at the interface between cognitive neuroscience and the application of advanced methods. Please consult the Radboud Summer school website (http://ift.tt/1mIHQjQ) for details on the program, social events and registration. Further details for the Neural Metrics Summer School can be found below and on the website  (http://ift.tt/1MDj6UR). 

Dates :    Monday 10 August – Friday 14 August 2015 (1 week)

Application Deadline :   15 June 2015 

Course leaders :

Bernhard Englitz, Marcel van Gerven, Fleur Zeldenrust, Tansu Celikel

Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour & Radboud University

Participant profile :

This course was developed for PhD students and early postdoctoral researchers working at the interface between cellular and cognitive neuroscience requiring advanced methods of analysis. This includes research in the field of Neuroscience with an MSc in Biology, Computer Science, Psychology, Physics, Al, Mathematics, Engineering or a similar major.

Admission requirements :

As part of the admission procedure, we ask you to send us your CV and a brief motivation letter in which you explain your interest in our course.

Course fee : 600 Euros

The course fee includes the registration fee, course materials, access to library and IT facilities, coffee/tea, lunch, and a number of social activities. Accommodation is available for the course participants (additional charges apply). For details please see http://ift.tt/1CQWdp8

Discounts :

• 15% discount for students and PhD candidates from Radboud University and partner universities, 

Confirmed Speakers (alphabetical): 

> Misha Ahrens (HHMI, Janelia)

> Matthias Bethge (University Tübingen)

> Vincent Bonin (VIB, Leuven)

> Romain Brette (Institut de la Vision, Paris)

> Kevin Briggman (NIH, Bethesda)

> Tansu Celikel (Donders Institute, Nijmegen)

> Moritz Helmstädter (MPI for Brain Research, Frankfurt)

> Henry Kennedy (INSERM, Lyon)

> Timm Lochmann (TU Berlin)

> David Norris (Donders Institute, Nijmegen)

> Rémi Proville (Donders Institute, Nijmegen)

> Andrew Reid (FZ Jülich)

> Jan Schnupp (Oxford University)

> Alessandro Treves (SISSA, Trieste)

> Fleur Zeldenrust (Univ. Amsterdam)

[visionlist] CFP: Int. Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding

Dear colleagues,I would like to bring to your attention the 6th HBU Workshop, organized atUBICOMP’15. I would appreciate if you could share it with your group, andconsider submitting a paper. My apologies if your receive multiple copies.Best,Albert

[CVCentralJobs] By: mac phloof eyeshadow Exclusive at (place) YVNHD-972

By: mac phloof eyeshadow Exclusive at (place) YVNHD-972

[visionlist] VSS 2015 and F1000Posters

[visionlist] CFP: IEEE TCSVT Special Issue on Group and Crowd Behavior Analysis for Intelligent Multi-camera Video Surveillance

CFP – Apologies for multiple copies******************************