[visionlist] NETI workshop at UT Austin

NETI 2016
The Center for Perceptual Systems at the University of Texas at Austin is
hosting a workshop on “Natural Environments, Tasks and Intelligence”

Dates:  April 15 – 17, 2016 (Friday – Sunday)
Purpose:  Perceptual and motor systems must reflect the natural tasks the
organism performs as well as the properties of the natural environments in
which the organism performs those tasks. Thus, the aim of this workshop is to
stimulate research in “natural systems analysis,” which consists of
several interrelated components: (i) identification and characterization of
natural tasks, (ii) measurement and analysis of natural scene statistics, (iii)
analysis of the computational requirements of natural tasks, (iv) rigorous
experimental study of neural and behavioral performance in natural tasks.

Organizers: Bill Geisler, Mary Hayhoe, and Dana Ballard


Anderson       Division of Biology and
Biological Engineering, CalTech

Bethge        Center for Integrative
Neuroscience, Universität Tübingen

Cooper               Computational
Vision Group, Dartmouth University

Cormack    University of Texas at Austin

Peter Dayan                Gatsby
Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL

DeAngelis          Brain and Cognitive
Sciences, University of Rochester

Jim Dicarlo                   McGovern
Institute of Brain Research, MIT

Alex Huk                       University
of Texas at Austin

Murray          Centre for Vision
Research, York University

Peter Neri                    Laboratoire
des Systèmes Perceptifs, Ecole Normale Supérieure

Priebe           University of Texas at

Seidemann          University of Texas at

Simoncelli           Center for Neural
Science, NYU

Treue            Department of Cognitive
Neurosciences, University of Göttingen

Triesch             Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, J.W. Goethe

In addition to the oral presentations there will also be a poster session
Saturday afternoon. Potential attendees are encouraged to register in advance
as the size of the workshop will be restricted to foster interaction among
Spring in Austin is a glorious time of year with wildflowers in bloom and an
average temperature ranging from 57 F (14 C) low to 79 F (26 C) high.


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