[visionlist] PhD position: Exploring perceptual organisation with psychophysics and fMRI


[visionlist] VSS 2016 | Call for Nominations to the VSS Board of Directors Reminder

Vision Sciences Society

VSS 2016

Sixteenth Annual Meeting

May 13-18, 2016 St. Pete Beach, FL

are open for two 4-year positions on the Vision Sciences Society Board of
Directors. The Board’s responsibilities include scheduling the Annual Meeting,
implementing and monitoring VSS policies, budget oversight, and other
organizational activities. The Board meets twice a year, during the Annual
Meeting and in late January.Any regular VSS member in good standing may be nominated, with the exception
of individuals now on the board, or who have served on the board within the
last four years. Nomination Procedures

Each nomination must be endorsed by 3 regular VSS members. One person should
email the nomination to Shauney Wilson
with a cc: to the other two nominators. The other two nominators should
indicate their endorsement by forwarding the nominating email to Shauney Wilson.
Please include a recent vita and a short paragraph describing the qualifications
of the nominee, as well as an assurance that the nominee is willing to serve.
With their consent, nominees may remain on the nominee list for three years. 

[visionlist] INCF is recruiting Scientific Funding Officer

Dear visionlist members

The International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility is recruiting a Scientific Funding Officer to identify and obtain funding to develop INCF’s international coordination activities in neuroinformatics and support its international network of Nodes gain funding for their national activities. The role also involves supporting INCF’s seed funding award process. The ideal candidate will be a motivated and able person with expertise in international funding coordination from a background in scientific funding, for instance working in a funding agency in a Program Officer role, or in a university grants office handling international proposals. 

The full advertisement can be found here: http://ift.tt/1ScYVRO deadline April 15.

Please forward to suitable contacts in your network.

Thanks and best wishes


[visionlist] WD Wright and Palmer Awards 2016

Re: [visionlist] [cvnet] Update on my case with the FTC

Dear Aaron,
As a friend and colleague, I can only express how sad I’m for this unfair outcome, you should try to do a crowdfunding and share that with the community, it may help a little… It is sad not only for you but also for science…

Il 25/feb/2016 03:43, “Aaron Seitz” ha scritto:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I truly appreciate those of you who have shared in my journey with the FTC (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, feel free to skip the rest, or here’s some information: http://ift.tt/1Oi9d1j). I originally brought this situation to the scientific community because Universities, funding agencies, and our individual intentions to more directly contribute to people’s health and wellbeing, etc., are increasingly motiving scientists like myself to translate research from lab to market-place.  However, the paths to best translate knowledge from research labs into effective use in the public sphere are difficult to navigate; I’m hoping lessons can be learned and processes changed based on my situation.

A short version of my situation: colleagues and I started a company to sell, at low cost on iTunes, the vision training protocols based on my lab’s scientific work.  FTC sued, saying that our claims are not justified because no research without a randomized, double-blind control, could be the basis of a health claim.  We countered, with your help through public comments  (http://ift.tt/1j6WYIq) to say that the scientific standard was inappropriate and the punishment was too severe. Unfortunately the FTC effectively ignored the public comments about this situation  ( FTC response at: http://ift.tt/1T8pyZy) and made no alterations to the original settlement.  I now need to complete payment of $75,000 (my share of the $150,000 settlement) to the FTC and will be subject to the 20 year “consent decree” for which essentially any commercial activity that I’m involved with needs to be reported to and reviewed by the FTC and adhere to a randomized double blind control. Ironically, this strict standard only applies to me, whereas Lumosity in their 10 year agreement has the standard of “blinded to the extent possible.”  Irrespective of changes in the scientific community of accepted inferential approaches, I will have a different bar to reach if I want to continue to translate research to the public sphere.

My hope still is that my situation can be used as a lever to promote positive policy change to improve the process and, to be frank, make sure that others don’t end up in a situation like mine. 

This has been a difficult journey and I appreciate all of those who have shown interest, concern and support.




Aaron Seitz, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Director of UCR Brain Game Center

University of California, Riverside

900 University Ave.

Riverside, CA 92521

Ph:   (951) 827-6422

Fax:  (951) 827-3985

Email: aseitz@ucr.edu

Web:   http://ift.tt/1e7GK7i

BGC:    http://ift.tt/1OzSOoa


Re: [visionlist] [cvnet] Open Access responses

Hi Simon,

I fully share your reaction and your interpretation of the responses from our Vision Science journals to the results of Alex Holcombe’s survey. Clearly, there is a mismatch between what folks in the Vision Science community are wanting, and what we are getting, and it seems that the folks in charge of our journals are, by and large, not sure what to say about it at the moment.  

I will say, however, that the “holding” statements from JOV and Psychonomics are entirely reasonable.  Any official changes are going to have be the product of discussion among the appropriate governing bodies.  We cannot expect any official changes to happen over night in response to the Vision Science community’s stated wishes for change.

On the other hand, one might also ask whether there is a valid distinction between “them” and “us” in this case, since the people doing the reviewing and editing are us (the Vision Science community).  So, any changes that start at a “grass roots” level will be by us.  That is, reviewers and editors of our various Vision Science journals who feel strongly about these issues may want to discuss among ourselves what we want, whether that would involve changes of the sort highlighted by Alex Holcombe’s questionnaire, and, if so, what those changes would concretely involve.  Such discussions are surely the most direct way to start moving towards the changes that the questionnaire shows are desired by us in the Vision Science community.

Best wishes,


On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 2:30 PM, Simon Rushton wrote:
I’ve been looking forward to reading the responses from journals.  Now Hoover has posted them (thank you Hoover) I’m not sure how to interpret them.
Just to recap, Alex Holcombe’s survey prompted almost 400 responses.  93% of people indicated that they “want change NOW” and he invited responses from the journals that serve the vision community.
iPerception/Perception have provided a comprehensive response.
JoV and Psychonomics have issued what I guess we’d call “holding” statements.
JEP:HPP; Vision; Multisensory Research; Vision Research and Frontiers: Perception have not responded.  They must be aware of the discussion and survey responses.
I can’t be the only person that is disappointed by such a poor response from our journals (except Perception/iPerception) to an issue on which the community has expressed such a strong view.

[visionlist] Post-doc position in image processing/computer vision

Dear all,

Post‐doctoral position in the field of image registration is available at CRAN (Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy ), UMR 7039 CNRS/Université de Lorraine, 2 avenue de la Forêt de Haye, 54516 Vandoeuvre‐Lès‐Nancy.

Duration: 18 month contract (extensible by another 18 month).

Start date: between February and May 2016
Monthly remuneration is 2914 € gross (2360 € net approximatively).

Project from the French Research Agency (ANR): Multi‐Modal Endoscopy for Inflammatory lesions of the Stomach (Endoscopie MultiModale pour les lésions Inflammatoires de l’Estomac, EMMIE).

Candidate profile:

‐ Candidate with a PhD (doctorate) in image processing/computer vision


‐ Candidate with a PhD (doctorate) in applied mathematics with a significant

experience in the field of image processing/computer vision.

Required skills

‐ Strong scientific capacities, able to conduct innovative research work

‐ Good writing skills with regard to scientific publications

‐ The candidate must be willing and able to program in C++ language (significant

experience in programming)

‐ Familiarity with Matlab

Valued skills

‐ Experience in the field of image registration and/or optical flow.

for details: http://ift.tt/1LpbKqL

Email to: Prof. Christian Daul (Christian.Daul@univ-lorraine.fr)