[visionlist] Postdoc position in Computer Vision for 3D mapping and scene understanding – 72847

Postdoc position in Computer Vision for 3D mapping and scene understanding – [ Postdoc ]

The Visual Geometry and Modelling (VGM) Lab at IIT invites qualified applicants to submit their CV’s for a Postdoc position in Genoa under the supervision of Dr. Alessio Del Bue.

The VGM Lab mission is to provide computational tools for the large-scale understanding of data, this being sensed at the nano and up to the macro scale level. With a privileged focus on image and video data, the main lab goal is to research and apply methods to boost the advances of life scientists and engineers in untangling and modelling the (big) data as provided by modern sensors (e.g. high-resolution cameras, time-lapse microscopy, 3D scanners).

The scientific core of the lab is related to the research fields of Computer Vision, Signal Processing and Numerical Optimization with the primary goal to provide algorithms for:

Reality Capture: 3D reconstruction from images, sound and range data;
Dynamic scene understanding from sensor networks (video and audio);
Large scale data clustering and modelling for Life Science and Engineering.

Expertise in these research fields is applied to several practical problems in the industry with ongoing collaboration with world-leading companies in machine vision, automation, avionics and photonics.

VGM is opening a postdoc position to work on 3D mapping and structure from motion with RGBD sensors. The aim is to create an autonomous 3D reconstruction system for indoor environments by using an active camera attached to a robotic arm. The system will be working in challenging scenarios dealing with severe occlusions and sensor noise in a fully autonomous way. Candidates should have strong programming skills in C/C++ and a general knowledge of ROS software libraries. Proven scientific track record on major computer vision and robotics conferences/journals is also a relevant criteria for the selection.

This project will be managed in collaboration with an international industrial partner delivering state-of-the-art machine vision applications.

The candidate will be also involved in project meeting, and submission of papers at top-tier computer vision and robotics conferences.

At the time of the application eligible candidates have a Ph.D. degree in Computer Vision, Engineering, Robotics and related fields.

Please send the application, including a CV with publication list, brief description of research interests and main accomplishments and 2 reference letters to applications@iit.it, quoting “Postdoc VGM position BC 72847 ” in the email subject, by November 14, 2016.


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