[visionlist] International Joint Conference on Biometrics 2017 – Call for Competitions

* Apologies for cross-posting *


We invite competition proposals for the 2017 International Joint
Conference on Biometrics (IJCB 2017, http://ift.tt/2dYhEBP) in
Denver, Colorado, USA. The main goal of the competitions is to provide a
common ground for benchmarking of state-of-the art algorithms, to
consolidate research and identify open problems in biometrics-related
research areas. We solicit competition proposals on any topic of
interest to the broader biometric community and strongly encourage
proposals focusing on new emerging fields and open research questions
that are able to attract a significant number of participants.
Competition organizers having a strong track record in the field are
especially welcome.

The deadline for submitting competition proposals is December 5th, 2016.
Decisions will be circulated by December 9th, 2016.

** Competition Proposal Submission **

Competition proposals should be sent to the IJCB 2017 competition
co-chairs, Clinton Fookes (c.fookes@qut.edu.au) and Vitomir Štruc
(vitomir.struc@fe.uni-lj.si), with the email subject »IJCB 2017
Competition Proposal: [title of your competition]«. The proposal should
include the following information to facilitate the decision process:

• Title of the competition.
• Names, affiliations, contact information, and a brief CV of the
competition organizers.
• A list of three most relevant publications related to the
competition for each organizer.
• Justification:
o Motivation for the competition, expected outcomes and
anticipated impact,
o Relevance to IJCB 2017,
o Relationship to previous competitions, if any,
o Description of the novelty of the competition.
• Execution:
o Description of the dataset(s) used for the competition and the
available annotations,
o Details on the experimental protocol and result
generation/submission procedure,
o Information on the platform used (for data sharing,
submission, verification of the results), if any,
o Description of the evaluation criteria (performance metrics)
and available baseline implementations/code (e.g., a starter kit).
• Organization:
o Expected minimum number of external participants (next to the
o Plan for promoting the competition and attracting participants,
o Description of the planned coordination activities,
o A detailed timeline for the competition.
• Other relevant information.

** Schedule **
The competitions should preferably start in January or early February
2017 and be completed by the summary-paper submission deadline on May
20th, 2017. Competition organizers will also be requested to prepare a
web page for the competition, which will be linked from the conference
web site. The web-site should be online before the start of the competition.

** Proceedings and Presentation **
Competition organizers will be invited to submit a summary paper
discussing organization, datasets, and results by May 20th, 2017. The
summary papers will be considered for inclusion in the IJCB 2017
conference program and should follow the same formatting and
presentation rules as regular papers. The submissions will undergo the
same review process as regular papers. The presentation format (if
accepted) will be determined based on the quality of the submission and
reviewer feedback received. Accepted summary papers will be included in
the proceedings of IJCB 2017 and send for inclusion in IEEE Xplore.

** Important Dates **
Deadline for submitting proposals: December 5th, 2016
Decisions to organizers: December 9th, 2016
Submission of summary papers: May 20th, 2017

For any additional information please contact the IJCB 2017 Competition
Clinton Fookes (c.fookes@qut.edu.au) and
Vitomir Štruc (vitomir.struc@fe.uni-lj.si)


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