[visionlist] Vision Research: Alert 15 October-22 October

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Alert: Vision

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Research Volume
128, Pages 1-94, November 2016

   Page IFC

Fixed versus variable
internal noise in contrast transduction: The
significance of Whittle’s data
Research Article Pages 1-5 Frederick A.A. Kingdom

The pupil is faster
than the corneal reflection (CR): Are video
based pupil-CR eye trackers suitable for
studying detailed dynamics of eye movements?
Research Article Pages 6-18 Ignace Hooge, Kenneth
Holmqvist, Marcus Nyström

Perceptual Learning of
Facial Expressions    Original Research
Article Pages 19-29 Yangyang Du, Fan Zhang,
Yongchao Wang, Taiyong Bi, Jiang Qiu

The effects of
monocular viewing on hand-eye coordination
during sequential grasping and placing
movements    Original Research
Article Pages 30-38 David A. Gonzalez, Ewa

Inhibition of return
shortens perceived duration of a brief
visual event    Original Research
Article Pages 39-44 Takayuki Osugi, Yuji
Takeda, Ikuya Murakami

The pattern ERG in
chicks – Stimulus dependence and optic nerve
section    Original Research
Article Pages 45-52 Lisa A. Ostrin, Vivian
Choh, Christine F. Wildsoet
Graphical abstract

Neural mechanisms of
information storage in visual short-term
memory    Original Research
Article Pages 53-67 John T. Serences

Binocular functional
architecture for detection of
contrast-modulated gratings   
Original Research
Article Pages 68-82 Mark A. Georgeson,
Andrew J. Schofield

Geometrical features
underlying the perception of collinearity
Research Article Pages 83-94 Michael Morgan, Barbara

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