[visionlist] The Southampton-York Natural Scenes (SYNS) dataset.

SYNS: The Southampton-York Natural Scenes dataset

We are pleased to announce the release of the Southampton-York Natural Scenes (SYNS) dataset (http://ift.tt/1Wp7fih).

This public dataset includes 88 scenes, surveyed at randomly selected locations within 25 diverse indoor and outdoor scene categories. Each survey includes
(i) spherical LiDAR range data
(ii) high-dynamic range spherical imagery and
(iii) a panorama of stereo image pairs.

The release coincides with the publication of a companion research article in Scientific Reports:

Adams WJ, Elder JH, Graf EW, Leyland J, Lugtigheid AJ & Muryy A. (2016).
The Southampton-York Natural Scenes (SYNS) dataset: Statistics of surface attitude (2016) Scientific Reports, 6, 35805.

We hope that you find the dataset useful in your work, and welcome any feedback.

Best wishes,

Wendy Adams
On behalf of the SYNS team (syns@soton.ac.uk)


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