[visionlist] PhD Scholarship in Multisensory Virtual Reality (HIT Lab NZ)

PhD Scholarship in Multisensory Virtual Reality

Project Description

The Human Interface Technology Lab New Zealand (HIT Lab NZ) at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, NZ has a fully funded scholarship for a PhD student.

The work will involve research into methods for generating, delivering, and evaluating multisensory cues in concert to produce user experiences that mimic real-world situations in high fidelity immersive Virtual Reality (VR). In addition, novel user interface techniques focusing on expressive, non-fatiguing interaction that can be used to support long-duration VR use will be designed and evaluated.

This work will be carried out as part of a multi-year project on applied research on improving VR realism, the sense of presence, and overall effectiveness. The successful candidate will join a team of four others at the HIT Lab NZ embarking on this project, led by Professor Rob Lindeman, who has been active in VR research for more than 20 years.

Significant mentoring of the successful candidate will be provided by senior academic staff, giving the candidate a solid foundation for work in industry and/or academia upon successful completion of the PhD degree programme.

Results of the work will be submitted for publication in leading journal and conference venues, and there is significant budget for travel to present the work.


The successful applicant must have completed a Masters Degree in a VR-related field, such as computer science, and be qualified for entrance into the HIT Lab NZ PhD programme.

Unlike most US doctoral programs, PhD degrees in New Zealand are typically completed within three years, and do not involve coursework. Students begin conducting research from the moment they start the programme.

Enrolment can start at any time, but we would like to finalise the scholarship by January 1, 2017.

The HIT Lab NZ and New Zealand

The HIT Lab NZ is one of the leading research labs focused on human-centred design of technology to support people in all facets of their lives. We put the person first, and then apply an appropriate mix of technology for that person in the context of the tasks they are doing. The Lab is very international in flavour, and interdisciplinary in thought and approach. Regular social activities organised by the Lab create a casual rapport amongst the staff and students in the Lab.

Needless to say, New Zealand provides an unbelievable setting to perform this work. Christchurch is the prime spot to launch excursions around New Zealand, as it has an international airport, and is in the middle of South Island. This provides easy access to beaches, pristine forests with extensive, well-maintained walking and mountain-biking tracks, excellent skiing in winter, and easy connections to other locations such as Australia. Christchurch is also very family friendly.

More Information

For more information or to submit your application, please see the following links:

+Email Rob Lindeman (gogo@hitlabnz.org) for more detailed information.

+Official posting and application link: http://ift.tt/2dKhQqt

+HIT Lab NZ PhD Programme: http://ift.tt/2ecTySj

+HIT Lab NZ: http://ift.tt/1XivDjX

+University of Canterbury: http://ift.tt/1phuhcn

+Christchurch, NZ: http://ift.tt/yGujgp
+Living & Working in NZ: http://ift.tt/1ObZwBo


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