[visionlist] ECVP 2017 in Berlin: Call for Symposium Proposals — Reminder

ECVP 2017 in Berlin: Call for Symposium Proposals — Reminder

The 40th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) will take place in Berlin, Germany, from August 27th to August 31st 2017. 

Our website is now online: www.ecvp.org/2017/
 ECVP features a number of user-organized symposia. We take submissions of symposium proposals until November 15th 2016. As a new feature at this ECVP, we are inviting proposals for two kinds of symposia: Regular symposia feature 5 to 6 talks of 15-20 min each, plus discussion. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and integrative overview of a lively research area. Organizers should aim for a diversity of ideas and people instead of focussing narrowly on single groups or ‘schools’. Ideally, individual talks relate to each other and inspire discussion. Controversy symposia focus on two (or more) alternative or even opposing views on a current research question. They consist of 4 talks that take different stances on the issue, and a panel discussion. The goal of this format is to bring together researchers from different sides of the fence, engage them in discussion, and identify steps that may lead to a resolution of the controversy.Both types of symposia will have a total length of 2 hours. The symposium’s organizer or a selected speaker will motivate the general framework of the symposium’s topic and will introduce the speakers to the audience.  To keep registration fees at a reasonable level, tradition has it that there is no extra financial support for symposia. Speakers are expected to register as normal participants to the conference. We would like to specifically encourage young (as in not yet tenured) female investigators to take the chance of organizing a symposium at this particularly pleasant and important conference. If you want to submit a proposal, please mail to our ECVP 2017 conference secretary ecvp2017@fu-confirm. and include: 

Organizer’s address with affiliation, email and phone number.

The title of the proposed symposium and a one (!) page description, that clearly states the motivation, aim and recurrent theme of the symposium. State whether your symposium is a regular or controversysymposium. For controversy symposia, please specify the controversy and the alternative standpoints in the description.

List of speakers and the topic of their contribution. Please ensure that your speakers agree to contribute to your symposium prior to submission. For controversy symposia: Please state to which camp each speaker belongs (in order to have a balanced view).

 All proposals will be reviewed by the scientific committee. Notification of symposium acceptance will be sent by December 15th 2016. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions (conference secretary: ecvp2017@fu-confirm). In case of acceptance we will need:- Summary of symposium (200 words) for use in printed material and for web applications.- List of agreed speakers, affiliations, email and mailing addresses.- Temporal structure of the symposium with exact sequence of talks. Include time for discussion and questions.- Abstracts of individual talks (each 200 words)- Special requests (audio-video, etc.) Best regards and awaiting many interesting proposals, 

Guido Hesselmann, 

    Marianne Maertens, 

        Florian Ostendorf, 

            Martin Rolfs,

                Philipp Sterzer.

[The ECVP2017 organizing team.]


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