[visionlist] Graduate Study in Visual Perception and Computational Neuroscience at UT Austin

The program in Perception, Brain, & Behavior at The University of Texas at Austin is encouraging applications for interdisciplinary graduate study in vision sciences, with emphasis on naturalistic tasks and stimuli. Housed in the Department of Psychology, the Institute for Neuroscience, and the Center for Perceptual Systems, our program is a vibrant, growing, and highly-collaborative collection of research laboratories boasting world-class facilities for conducting research in visual perception, visually guided actions, and the underlying neural mechanisms. These facilities include fMRI, eye tracking, head and body tracking, face and facial expression tracking, virtual reality, the collection of 3D time-varying natural scene statistics, computationally-intensive modeling and computer graphics, psychophysics, 2 photon microscopy, optical imaging, and electrophysiology. Funding opportunities are available through an NIH training grant, Research Assistantships, Fellowships, and Teaching Assistantships.  Faculty actively engaging in interdisciplinary research in the program include:


   Dana Ballard: computational neuroscience, machine learning, visuo-motor control

   Larry Cormack: natural tasks and psychophysics; 3D motion perception

   Ila Fiete: computational neuroscience, neural coding

   Bill Geisler: vision and natural scene statistics; computational modeling

   Robbe Goris:visual neuroscience, computation and theory, sensory-motor mechanisms

   Mary Hayhoe: eye movements, attention, virtual environments.

   Alex Huk: sensory-motor decisions, neural mechanisms of motion and depth perception

   Ian Nauhaus:  neural coding, cortical organization, computational neuroscience

   Nicholas Priebe: neural coding in early visual cortex, intracellular recording

   Eyal Seidemann: optical imaging and electrophysiology of early visual cortex

   Max Snodderley: retina and early visual cortex, retinal disease.


 More information on our research can be found at www.cps.utexas.edu, and we encourage you to contact investigators directly if you are interested in their research.

   You can apply via the Ph.D. programs in Neuroscience 


   512-471-3640,  neuroscience@mail.clm.utexas.

   and Psychology


   512-471-6398, gradoffice@psy.utexas.edu


   Interested students are strongly encouraged to apply to both programs.


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