[visionlist] CFP: Special Issue on Vision and Computational Photography and Graphics @ CVIU 2016

Apologies for multiple copies


hosted by Elsevier’s Journal of Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU)


http://ift.tt/2g4K3oJ: radu.timofte@vision.ee.ethz.ch

SCOPE______Computational photography is a new and rapidly developing research
field. It aims at removing the limitations of the traditional camera by
recording much more information and processing this information
afterward. Computational photography is believed to lie at the
convergence of computer graphics, computer vision and photography, and
many of the techniques adopted in computational photography indeed first
appeared in the computer vision literature. Many of the latest exciting
developments in computational photography are closely related to
computer vision. For instance, computational cameras that use object
detection and visual tracking to better focus and expose the image.
This special issue covers a wide range of topics on computational
photography, with a common denominator devoted to the application of
computer vision techniques for computational photography tasks. The
scope of this special issue is interdisciplinary and seeks collaborative
contributions from academia and industrial experts in the areas of
image sensors, photonics, information theory, signal processing,
computer vision, and machine learning/data mining.
______TOPICS______Manuscripts are solicited to address a wide range of topics on
computer vision techniques and applications focusing on computational
photography tasks, including but not limited to the following:
● Advanced image processing
● Computational cameras
● Computational illumination
● Computational optics
● High-performance imaging
● Multiple images and camera arrays
● Sensor and illumination hardware
● Scientific imaging and videography
● Organizing and exploiting photo/video collections
● Vision for graphics
● Graphics for vision
____________SUBMISSIONS____________Papers should be submitted electronically using the Elsevier CVIU
submission system (http://ift.tt/Q9W0fN) and following the
Instructions for Authors (http://ift.tt/Wa8QI5).
Please select “SI:Vision,Photo,Graphics” as the Article Type to ensure
your manuscript be correctly assigned.
_______EDITORS_______● Radu Timofte, ETH Zurich, radu.timofte@vision.ee.ethz.ch
● Luc Van Gool, KU Leuven and ETH Zurich, vangool@vision.ee.ethz.ch● Ming-Hsuan Yang, University of California at Merced, mhyang@ucmerced.edu● Shai Avidan, Tel-Aviv University, avidan@eng.tau.ac.il ● Yasuyuki Matsushita, Osaka University, yasumat@ist.osaka-u.ac.jp ● Qingxiong Yang, City University of Hong Kong, qiyang@cityu.edu.hk


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