Re: [visionlist] Reviewing deadlines [CVNET & VISIONLIST]

Dear cvnet,

As a reviewer, I agree that excessively short deadlines are silly, insulting, etc. But as an author, a very long latency between submission and receipt of a verdict is also unconscionable. This is particularly an issue for junior people, whose careers (e.g., successful tenure reviews) require articles being published in a timely fashion.

I think it is also something of an arms race. An author who only receives his/her reviews after a month (with the manuscript in the hands of the reviewer for only 3 weeks) will be more likely to wait a month when he/she is a reviewer, which makes the authors of the papers under review think that a month is fine, and wait six weeks, and so forth.

I am not sure how to break the cycle.

Angela Brown
Ohio State University


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