Re: [visionlist] Reviewing deadlines [CVNET & VISIONLIST]

Dear Colleagues:

To round up the fascinating wealth of comments by you, thank you, I’d just like to finalise it for me with 2 items:

• Deadlines: personally, I´ll keep rejecting reviews, applying Jonathan’s words “anything less than 3 weeks is annoying and off-putting.” [Frequently, I return the review earlier, that’s not the point].

• Reviewer “rewards”: Following Phil Tseng’s and Ravi Jonnal’s suggestions, and prompted by a recent review, I looked into
Looks promising to me: Very easy to submit your reviews (if you’ve kept the “thank you” email, I often didn’t), the do seem to check thoroughly (they rejected some of mine which were just “thank you for agreeing to review” since I hadn’t kept the proper one; good!), they do this rapidly, and they have a nice web interface.

One minor criticism: in their emails they use the “hidden link technique” (the actual link is different from the one you see), but many do this now, unfortunately. [In MacOS, hover above the link to see the true URL or click the disclosure triangle to get a preview.]

I’m sure Publon could be gamed –shame on you:)–, since of course as always Goodhart’s law will come into play
but it’s probably not worth it, and I also wonder about the long-term sustainability.

Still, this does look interesting to me
to serve as a little payback for our review efforts, since I’m not in favour of direct monetary remuneration for reviewing.

Thanks to all and with my best regards,


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