[visionlist] Multiple funded Ph.D. positions available, University of Delaware

The Cognitive Psychology program in the Department of
Psychological & Brain Sciences at the University of Delaware
is actively recruiting new Ph.D. students to start in September, 2017.  In
addition to the normal funding, up to 6 competitive graduate positions are
available for full funding through a new, 6-million-dollar, multi-site grant
from the National Science Foundation led by faculty in
our program. The purpose of the grant is to study the interplay between
perception and experience as the brain acquires new knowledge, and to foster
interactions between researchers and students that study the mind and brain
using a variety of methods and populations. The grant will also support an
Annual Summer Undergraduate Workshop that will introduce students to
cutting-edge techniques and theory in cognitive science and neuroscience,
beginning in the Summer of 2017.


The new Center for Biomedical & Brain Imaging at
the University of Delaware houses a Siemens Prisma 3T MRI scanner, a mock
scanner, TMS laboratory, and future expansion for a small bore animal MRI
scanner and multi-modal microscopy.  We encourage our students to utilize
these resources in a collaborative manner, and to further develop connections
with other areas within the department (Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical, and
Social), other departments within the University of Delaware (e.g. Linguistics
and Cognitive Science, Physical Therapy, Mechanical Engineering) and
neighboring universities and medical institutions such as Christiana Hospital.
The University of Delaware is located in Newark, Delaware, between Philadelphia
and Baltimore, with easy access to major East Coast cities.


Our department has a vibrant, collaborative group of
cognitive psychologists and cognitive neuroscientists who investigate the mind
and brain across multiple domains and methodologies. The Cognitive Psychology
faculty include:


James E. Hoffman – hoffman@psych.udel.edu, visual attention, consciousness, and
cognitive control


Helene Intraub​ – intraub@psych.udel.edu, visual scene perception, imagination
and memory, haptic and bimodal representation


Jared Medina – jmedina@psych.udel.edu, body representations,
cognitive neuropsychology, TMS


Anna Papafragou – papafragou@psych.udel.edu, language learning and
processing, language and cognition


Paul C. Quinn – pquinn@psych.udel.edu, cognition, perception, and development


Keith Schneider​ – keithas@udel.edu, architecture of the
sensory systems; attention, perception and awareness


•           Tim Vickery​ -tvickery@psych.udel.edu, learning,
visual attention, memory and perception, reward.


Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree by Fall 2017, and
should have a strong interest in cognition, attention, language, perception
and/or neuroscience.  Research experience is strongly desirable. Students
in good standing typically receive financial support for five years, in the
form of an RA, TA or fellowship.


​​For further information, contact one of the faculty above
and/or see the admissions FAQ.  For admission criteria visit here.  Application deadline is December
15, 2016.


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