[visionlist] VSS 2017 Grand Finale: Al-apalooza – first call for participation

Fellow vision scientists,

For some time, our long-time NASA colleague Al Ahumada has been
making vague noises about retirement, but now we are starting to
think that he might really do it.  And so we are planning an
event to celebrate his long and illustrious career for the
afternoon and evening of May 24th, 2017, in St. Pete Beach,
Florida, immediately following the annual meeting of the Vision
Sciences Society.  The precise details are still being worked
out, but we are envisioning an afternoon talk session and an
evening group dinner, see below for a tentative schedule.  We
have created a web site for the event:  http://ift.tt/2gyaZOy,
there’s not much there now but we will be updating it with
details as they become definite.

If you would like to give a talk, please contact the
organizers.  Talks can range from serious scientific
presentations to brief anecdotes relating to Al and his work.
The talk session will be open to all, with no registration fee. 
Payment will be required for the evening dinner, we are still
working on the logistics.
If you think you may attend, please fill out the following short
questionnaire at the end of this message, and return by email to
It will be a big help to have a rough participant count.

Your colleagues and party planners,

Jeff Mulligan and Beau Watson


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