[visionlist] Call For Papers – CASA 2017

CALL FOR PAPERS – CASA 2017******************************
KEYNOTE SPEAKERShttps://casa2017.kaist.ac.kr/ – Prof. Jehee Lee: Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Seoul National University- Prof. Jonathan Gratch: Director for Virtual Human Research at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Institute for Creative Technologies, a Research Full Professor of Computer Science and Psychology at USC and co-director of USC’s Computational Emotion Group
COMMITTEEConference co-chairs:     Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (U. of Geneva, Switzerland and NTU, Singapore)     Dongman Lee (KAIST, Korea)Program co-chairs:     Sung-Hee Lee (KAIST, Korea)     Huamin Wang (Ohio State University, US)     Mubbasir Kapadia (Rutgers University, US)Workshop chair:     Min H. Kim (KAIST, Korea)Publicity chair:     Jean-Charles Bazin (Disney Research)SCOPE AND LIST OF TOPICSCASA invites submissions on a broad range of topics, including but notlimited to:   – Computer Animation        Procedural animation        Motion capture & processing        Data-driven animation        Physics-based animation        Human and animal modeling        Motion planning        Behavioral animation        Plant development and growing        Artificial animals and animats        Population generation        Virtual cities        Persistent worlds   – Embodied Agents        Avatars        Autonomous Virtual Humans        Perceptual models        Memory and behavior models        Emotions and personality        Intelligent virtual humans        Social and conversational agents        Inter-agent communication        Groups and crowd simulation   – Virtual and Augmented Reality        Tracking        Gesture and action recognition        3D telepresence        Mobile VR/AR        Haptic interfaces        Immersive systems        VR/AR applications   – Visualization        Medical imaging and reconstruction        Molecular graphics        Visualization of physical phenomena        Information visualization


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