[visionlist] Tübinger Lesion Analysis Workshop 12/13 May 2017

It is our pleasure to be able to officially announce that our
biennial Tübinger Lesionanalysis Workshop will once again take place,
this time on the 12th and 13th of May 2017.As in previous years, the
workshop aims to provide an extensive theoretical and practical,
hands-on introduction to modern lesion analysis techniques. We will
discuss the general rationale and background of modern analyses, spatial
normalisation of brain images in stroke patients, the statistical
procedures used in modern lesion analyses and the application of these
modern lesion analysis techniques to scientific questions. Additionally,
attendees will be given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with
the software programs used (SPM and NPM) in a practical, hands-on session.Furthermore, on the second day, we
will introduce the use of a new (semi-)automated lesion delineation
technique, demonstrate a new tool to perform statistical lesion
analyses (NiiStat), as well as provide an introduction to Matlab scripting.
Moreover, we will address single-case statistics
that allow the identification of behavioural deficits in single
For more information, please visit the lesion analysis workshop website. The registration deadline is April 30th 2017
We would love to see you in Tübingen.


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