[visionlist] Research Assistant position

Dear colleagues,

I’m starting up a lab at
The Ohio State University, Dept. of Psychology next fall and looking to hire a
lab manager/technical assistant and a postdoc.  Please spread the word! See below for details
(postdoc email to follow).


State University, Dept. of Psychology – Saygin Lab, to assist with neuroscience
research on the functional and structural architecture of the human brain in
adults and children.  The Saygin lab studies
the functional differentiation of the human brain across early development and
adulthood, and the plasticity of the brain in response to disorders and injury (see
http://ift.tt/2hT5IoE for recent
publications). The primary responsibilities will include programming, running,
and analyzing behavioral and brain-imaging experiments using functional
magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), diffusion weighted imaging (DWI), functional
connectivity, and behavioral evaluations of infants, children, and adults.  This position is an excellent opportunity for
individuals considering future graduate studies in cognitive neuroscience. We
are seeking an aspiring, self-motivated researcher with strong
coding/programming skills who is excited about the developing brain, cognitive
neuroscience, and/or clinical disorders and demonstrates evidence of a serious
interest in a career in the field.


REQUIRED: strong mathematical,
statistical, and coding skills (e.g., MATLAB, Python, shell scripting); strong
interpersonal skills for interacting with a diverse group of people including
children and parents; a bachelor’s degree in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive
science, computer science, data science, engineering, physics, or math; and
strong organizational skills.


Interested individuals
should contact zsaygin@mit.edu with a CV
and names of 2-3 references. 



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