[visionlist] Unconstrained Ear Recognition Challenge (UERC) 2017 – Call for Participants


1st Unconstrained Ear Recognition Challenge (UERC)
Organized as part of IJCB 2017


We invite researchers working in the field of automatic ear
recognition to participate in the 1st Unconstrained Ear Recognition
Challenge (UERC) that will be held in the scope of the IEEE/IAPR
International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB 2017). The goal
of the challenge is to advance the state-of-technology in the field
of automatic ear recognition, to provide participants with a
challenging research problem and introduce a benchmark dataset
and protocol for assessing the latest techniques, models, and
algorithms related to ear recognition. If you are interested in
taking part in UERC 2017, please visit:


The challenge will be held on an extended version of the Annotated
Web Ears (AWE) dataset. Image of the dataset were collected with
a semi-automatic procedure that involved web-crawlers and a subsequent
manual inspection. Because the AWE images were not gathered in
controlled laboratory-like conditions, they better represent the
variability in ear appearance than existing datasets of ear images.

** Publication **
The results of UERC will be published in an IJCB conference paper
co-authored jointly by all challenge participants. Additionally, a
special issue on Unconstrained Ear Recognition will be organized in
IET Biometrics and the most innovative approaches (and not necessarily
the best performing ones) taking part in UERC will be invited to submit
papers of their approaches to the special issue.

** Organizers **
Žiga Emersic
Peter Peer
Vitomir Struc

** Important Dates **
UERC Kick-off: 1 February 2017
Results due: 17 April 2017
Descriptions due: 1 May 2017
Paper submission: 20 May 2017


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