[visionlist] Postdoc and PhD Positions in Deep Learning and Robotics @ University of Bonn, Germany

The Autonomous Intelligent Systems Group of University of Bonn invites
applications for multiple Postdoctoral and fully funded PhD positions.

Candidates should have a background in one of the following research areas:
* Deep learning,
* Computer vision,
* Pattern recognition,
* Machine learning,
* Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM),
* Manipulation and locomotion planning,
* Human-robot interaction,
* Micro aerial vehicles,
* Service robots,
* Humanoid robots, or
* Search and rescue robots.

Candidates for Postdoctoral positions must hold a PhD with very good results
in computer science, robotics, electrical engineering or a related field.
Top-level publications and good organizational skills are important.
Successful candidates will have the opportunity to develop their own
agenda and at the same time contribute to the ongoing projects linked below,
guiding PhD students and master students. Payment will be according to
TV-L-E14 (52,000-66,000 Euros per annum, depending on experience).

Candidates for PhD positions must hold a very good university Master’s
in computer science, mathematics, electrical engineering, or a related
A strong mathematical background and programming skills are necessary.
Successful candidates will conduct focused research towards a PhD in
Science and contribute to one of the ongoing projects linked below, guiding
master and bachelor students. Payment will be according to TV-L-E13 (44,000-
51,000 Euros per annum, depending on experience).

Applications in PDF format should be sent by email to behnke @ ais .
. de with the subject line “Postdoc Application AIS” or “PhD Application
Please indicate in your cover letter your main achievements, the
research area
or project where you want to contribute, and your availability date. A
list of
publications and transcripts must be included. There is no application
deadline. Positions will be filled as soon as possible.

Autonomous Intelligent Systems Group:

The University of Bonn has a long tradition in computer vision and robotics
research and multiple outstanding groups in these areas. The Autonomous
Intelligent Systems Group, headed by Sven Behnke, has developed
cognitive robot systems, including domestic service robots, autonomous
aerial vehicles, humanoid soccer robots, robots for mobile manipulation in
rough terrain, bin-picking robots, and robots for intuitive human-robot
interaction. Contributions include deep learning architectures and
efficient methods for RGB-D and laser-based SLAM, semantic environment
perception, robot navigation, object manipulation and tool use, bipedal
walking, multimodal human-robot interaction, and learning from
and own experience.

Useful links:
* Ongoing projects in Autonomous Intelligent Systems group:
* Autonomous Intelligent Systems group: http://ift.tt/15r1FGa
* Robotics in Bonn: http://ift.tt/2hHzzky
* Bonn Computer Science: http://ift.tt/2iEKhoM
* University of Bonn: http://ift.tt/2eTlkaH
* Federal City of Bonn: http://ift.tt/KUPEgS


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