[visionlist] POSTDOCTORAL position in Human Multisensory Perception and Action with Prof. Marc Ernst

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION in Human Multisensory Perception, Action and Learning

The Applied Cognitive Psychology Group at Ulm University, Germany headed by Prof. Marc Ernst is inviting applications for a research position on human multisensory perception, action and learning.

The broadly defined position will be embedded in a highly interdisciplinary, international research group lead by Prof. Marc Ernst, who is just started to set up a new group in the Faculty for Engineering, Computer Science, and Psychology at Ulm University. The focus of the group is on multisensory perception, sensorimotor integration, perceptual learning, perception of time and causality, development of perception and its applications to HCI. For their experimental work the group is predominantly relying on behavioral methods from psychophysics and experimental psychology. For this there are many state-of-the-art virtual reality and HCI setups available, including different projection systems for visual stimulation, force feedback and robotic devices including tactile displays for work on the human haptic system, a noise attenuation camber with an active audio setup for work on the auditory system and two unique treadmill setups for studies on human locomotion and navigation. Additionally there are several eye- and motion tracking systems available for the recording of human behavioural data. The groups has a strong focus on the modeling of human behaviour, relying heavily on the Bayesian Framework and the development of ideal observer models. Currently, the group is supported by several grants which involve collaborations with groups from neuroscience, rehabilitation, engineering, robotics, perceptual development and computer science. Teaching will be associated with the international Cognitive Systems Master at Ulm University, which is a master program set up at the boundary between psychology and computer science and which is taught exclusively in English.

The successful candidate should fit in with these interests and should have a strong background in psychology, cognitive science, computer science, engineering, biology or some neuroscience related field. Programming experience will be advantageous. The position is initially available for 3 years with possible extension. Salary is according to German Public Service regulations at the level of E13. The position is available immediately. Applications will be considered until the position is filled. The application should include a cover letter stating the candidates research interests, curriculum vita, reprints, and names of three referees. Electronic submission is preferred. 

Prof. Dr. Marc Ernst

Appl. Cognitive Psychology Faculty for Computer Science, Engineering, and Psychology Ulm University 
Albert-Einstein-Allee 43 

89069 Ulm
phone:     +49-731-50 320 50  sekr:  +49-731-50 320 51fax:       +49-731-50 320 59

mobile:  +49-152-2254 3156marc.ernst@uni-ulm.de


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