Re: [visionlist] [cvnet] Re: Beall’s List gone dark

The Nordic List at another white list that is a useful alternative.

On Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 9:14 AM, Sebastiaan Mathot wrote:
> I’m wondering if some professional society might take up the mantle and continue it, somehow.
The directory of open-access journals ( is in effect such a resource. Although it takes the opposite approach: listing journals that it considers legit, rather than blacklisting those it doesn’t. I think that’s much more constructive that Beall’s list.

On 26/01/2017 17:55, John Pezaris wrote:

I’d prefer to avoid personal attacks on a scientific mailing list.
Beall’s list was an important resource.  I’m wondering if some
professional society might take up the mantle and continue it,
somehow.  The problem is that it would seem any society sufficiently
large enough to devote the necessary resources (and fight any
potential legal consequences) would have its own publication and
therefore an inherent conflict of interest.  Does anyone have ideas on
how to avoid that scenario?
– J.
On 1/26/17, Sebastiaan Mathot wrote:

Let’s not glorify Jeffrey Beall too much (or at all). His list was
useful, but it was never healthy that such an important resource was
curated by a single nutcase. To illustrate, let me quote from one his
/”The open-access movement is really about anti-corporatism. OA
advocates want to make collective everything and eliminate private
business, except for small businesses owned by the disadvantaged. They
don’t like the idea of profit, even though many have a large portfolio
of mutual funds in their retirement accounts that invest in for-profit
And so on, and so on. Is that the kind of guy we want to depend on? No
And yes, he actually wrote this! In an obscure open-access journal,
Michael Eisen wrote an interesting blog about this:
On 26/01/2017 14:30, John Neuhoff wrote:

Losing Beall’s list is really unfortunate, particularly for new
scholars. There is some talks that Cabell’s International is
developing a similar list based, in part, on Beall’s list. See:
There is some speculation that these two events are related (though
this has been denied by Cabell’s). See also the efforts of Dr. Eugene
Noolah, a fictional character that has gotten himself appointed to the
editorial boards of several predatory journals.
John G. Neuhoff
Department of Psychology
The College of Wooster


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