Re: [visionlist] LCD Monitors suitable with suitable temporal response

Hi there,
I have been using two monitors from iiyama.
The first was a G2773HS and had just 120 Hz (at full HD resulution),
the other is the newer version of it with 144 Hz.
Prices were just 350 Euros.
I am using visual first, second and third order motion stimuli,
we have recorded motion-onset VEP (EEG) SIgnals, which look pretty
the same as with the comparable CRT monitor.
We have been checking onset times, onset time variability (about 0
ms) across the monitor
and brightness using photo sensitive diodes and an oscilloscope
and have got very good
results. So much so that during the last two years, my EIZO CRT
has been sitting unused on my desk.
I was skeptical, have tried out and am convinced now.
However, I use self-written C-/OpenGL/OpenAL programs running on a
standard i5 PC with Ubuntu 16.04 with
a (then) mid-price nVidia GeForce Card GTX 750 (today, this is
considered a low-budged card, I know, but it also presents
optic flow stimuli totally flawlessly).
ONE BIG ADVANTAGE for motion stimuli: These TFT monitors have 27
inches, so along with that new standard 16:9 geometry we activate
a lot more of the visual field than with our Eizo CRTs.
Have fun,

On 28.02.2017 23:55, Phillip Guan


I’m wondering if there are alternatives to CRTs and the
ViewPixx3D ($12,000 each) displays that can be used when fast
response times are required for temporally varying stimuli.
From this paper
it seems that certain gaming monitors may be approaching the
required quality level, are there any specific high framerate
gaming panels that have come out in the last two years that
approach parity with CRTs? 


Phillip Guan


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