Re: [visionlist] LCD Monitors suitable with suitable temporal response

Dear Phillip and All:

> I’m wondering if there are alternatives to CRTs and the ViewPixx3D ($12,000 each) displays that can be used when fast response times are required for temporally varying stimuli. …

In addition to the good points made here, there is one imported disadvantage of ALL LCDs (and even our VPixx to some degree): If you are doing pattern REVERSAL (unfortunately called flicker by some), where the time-averaged luminance should stay constant, all LCDs display a major luminance artifact.

Easy to check: put up a checkerboard (or square wave grating), and invert contrast at, say, 8 rps (8 reversals per second = 4 Hz). Hold a paper ≈10 cm in front of the display, and only look at the paper: there should be no noticeable flicker when neighboring stimulus elements are thus fused. The stimulus elements need to be small enough for this, or course, < 1 cm when holding the paper at 10 cm.

So if you stimulus regime would include pattern reversal, beware.

OLEDs are better, if their obnoxious built-in image “improvements” can be switched off.

Best, Michael


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