[visionlist] Faculty Position in Psychology, New York University Abu Dhabi

Please see the job listing below, and contact nyuad.science@nyu.edu with any questions.





New York University Abu Dhabi



New York University (NYU) Abu Dhabi invites applications for a faculty position in the areas of cognitive neuroscience and/or psychology at the rank of professor or associate professor with tenure. While the specific research area is open, preference will be given to applicants with a specialization in the use of fMRI technology who are principally interested in core areas of perception and cognition, including vision, attention, memory, language, and higher order cognition. Along with a faculty appointment, successful candidates will have the opportunity to direct the imaging center at NYU Abu Dhabi that will house a Siemens Prisma 3T MRI, MEG, EEG, eye tracking and behavioral testing facilities.


Successful candidates will find a vibrant research and teaching environment that includes supportive and highly motivated colleagues, access to significant resources, a competitive startup package, and broad opportunities for interdisciplinary research across the different science and engineering areas being developed at NYU Abu Dhabi as well as across campuses of the NYU system.


Successful candidates will also have access to state of the art core facilities that include High Performance Computing facilities with more than 6,400 computing cores and a peak performance of 70 TFLOPS.


The terms of employment are highly competitive and include housing and educational subsidies for children. Appointments can begin as soon as January 1, 2018, but candidates may elect to start as late as September 1, 2018.


Applications are due by April 1, 2017. Candidates should submit in PDF format a curriculum vitae, research interests (not to exceed five pages), teaching statements (not to exceed three pages), and up to three representative publications, and should have three letters of reference uploaded to the web site by independent referees. Please visit our website at http://ift.tt/2m9hpIP instructions and other information on how to apply. If you have any questions, please e-mail nyuad.science@nyu.edu.


About NYUAD:

New York University has established itself as a Global Network University, a multi-site, organically connected network encompassing key global cities and idea capitals.  The network has three foundational degree-granting campuses: New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, complemented by a network of eleven research and study-away sites across five continents.  Faculty and students circulate within this global network in pursuit of common research interests and the promotion of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary solutions for problems both local and global.


Entering its seventh year, NYU Abu Dhabi has recruited a cohort of faculty who are distinguished in their research and teaching.  NYU Abu Dhabi’s highly selective liberal arts college is complemented by an institute for advanced research, sponsoring cutting-edge projects across the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Engineering.  The Engineering Division also takes pride in a thriving doctoral program, as well as in the postdoctoral researchers who have chosen to make NYUAD their research home. 




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