[visionlist] Call for Papers Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC) 2017 in Berlin



This is the Call for Papers for the 5th European Visual Science of
Art Conference (VSAC), to be held in Berlin, Germany, 25–27 August 2017 ( http://ift.tt/2lnm5Mo ). 


The Visual
Science of Art Conference (VSAC) focuses on connecting the communities of
visual scientists and artists in order to deepen our understanding of aesthetic
phenomena. The VSAC is an ideal venue to debate and collaborate on all topics
associated with the perception and evaluation of artworks. Organized as a
satellite conference to the ECVP (European
Conference on Visual Perception, http://ift.tt/2k6trU8 ), the VSAC invites all people that connect visual
perception with the arts (e.g., empirical, experimental, philosophical,
phenomenological, computational approaches). This year we would also like to
invite philosophical proposals (also X-phi) that focus on empirical approaches
to the visual arts.


Presentation types


– Oral
Presentations: 15-20 minutes plus Q&A (20 min slots)

(2 extended poster sessions, A0 portrait format)


Deadline for abstract submission: Sunday, 9 April 2017.

Authors will
be informed about the abstract selection in May 2017.


submit an abstract of no more than 250 words—it can also be accompanied by an
additional one-page PDF illustrating the method used, showing diagrams and
graphs, etc. Submissions are refereed and selected on the basis of quality and
relevance to the field of empirical aesthetics, visual art, philosophy of
visual art, psychology, and cognitive sciences. Note that while each person can
be listed as an author on several abstracts, you may only submit one abstract
as a first author. All submissions will be considered for oral or poster


can be submitted here: http://ift.tt/2lnnoex

See http://ift.tt/2mOMm3y for more information on registration and


Please note
that abstract submission for the VSAC will be separate from the ECVP, but that
VSAC and ECVP use the same registration system (you will just select VSAC as
one additional option in the registration process). To register, please go to the ECVP’s
registration page. 


submit any inquiries that cannot be answered by the homepage to  info@vsac2017.org


We look
forward to numerous and interesting contributions!



Christian Carbon & Joerg Fingerhut

VSAC 2017


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