[visionlist] Challenge on image super-resolution at NTIRE workshop @ CVPR 2017 (+2 weeks extension)

Apologies for multiple copies******************************New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement Challenge on Example-based Single-Image Super-Resolutionhttp://www.vision.ee.ethz.ch/nvia CodaLab platform.http://ift.tt/2ng82cd organizes two parallel challenge tracks on Example-based Single-Image Super-Resolution=Track 1: `bicubic’ downscaling (Matlab imresize)  – a commonly employed setup in the literature.

The `bicubic’ setup allows for easy deployment of the recent published super-resolution methods.
2: `unknown’ downgrading operators – but with available train data of
low and high res corresponding images. The `unknown’ setup constrains
the participants to work with the provided train data and to develop
robust solutions to learn from a limited set of examples.
The challenge aims to gauge the state-of-the-art, to compare and to promote different solutions with the new DIV2K dataset.=DIV2K
– a newly collected dataset of DIVerse 2K resolution images
(2048x[unspecified] pixel images) will be released with the NTIRE
challenge. DIV2K dataset is divided into 80%/10%/10% for
train/validation/test, resp.

For each track the low res
images are generated and provided to the registered participants for x2,
x3, and x4 downscaling factors.

Details about NTIRE challenge and links to its 6 competitions (2 tracks X 3 downscaling factors) can be found below:  http://ift.tt/2lf5yXH

Track 1: bicubic downscaling x2 competition

Track 1: bicubic downscaling x3 competition

Track 1: bicubic downscaling x4 competition

Track 2: unknown downscaling x2 competition

Track 2: unknown downscaling x3 competition

Track 2: unknown downscaling x4 competition

Important Dates ____________

2017.02.14 Release of train data (low-res and high-res images) and validation data (only low-res)

2017.03.01 Validation server online

2017.04.03 Final test data release (only low-res), validation data (high-res) release, validation server closed

2017.04.14 Test high-res results submission deadline

2017.04.17 Fact sheets submission deadline

2017.04.17 Code submission deadline

2017.04.24 Final test results release to the participants

2017.05.01 Paper submission deadline for top entries from the challenge

2017.07.21 NTIRE workshop and challenge on example-based
single-image super-resolution, results and award ceremony (@ CVPR 2017,
Honolulu, Hawaii)

The top
ranking participants will be invited to submit papers to NTIRE workshop
and to be co-authors of the challenge report paper.
We are looking for sponsors for incentive prizes. Contact:radu.timofte@vision.ee.ethz.chhttp://www.vision.ee.ethz.ch/n 


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