[visionlist] Request for applications to Computational Neuroscience year-long fellowship starting Summer 2017

Dear colleagues,

The computational neuroscience
training (PNC) grant of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
provides a number of year-long fellowships to support undergraduate
students at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh
to pursue computational neuroscience research. We seek to attract,
develop, and advance the most talented individuals regardless of their
race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, disability status or
any other dimension of diversity. We especially encourage nominations of
women, students from underrepresented groups, and those who are

Each fellow
will receive a total stipend of $12,096 for the entire year, plus
possible travel funds to attend conference meetings. The fellowship
typically is limited to one year. One half of the fellowship is payment
for the two academic semesters, and the other half is payment for the
full-time summer portion. There are some course requirements for this
fellowship to encourage students to take courses pertinent to
computational neuroscience that may be outside the requirement of their
majors.  Details of this program can be found in:


Application for the fellowship
program is through faculty nomination only. A faculty member may
nominate a student who is working or will be working in the faculty
member’s laboratory. A student may start the fellowship program either
in the summer or in the fall of 2017. Students who are interested in
this fellowship should contact potential faculty mentors for research
opportunities and nomination. Faculty nomination involves the faculty
member submitting the required information about the student (as
explained in the above webpage), which includes (1) the student’s name,
email address, transcript and resume; (2) a brief description of the
potential project the student might engage in; and (3) a plan of study
to fulfill the course requirements stipulated by the
fellowship. Nominations should be sent by March 24 to Matt Smith (matt@smithlab.net)
and Tai Sing Lee (tai@cnbc.cmu.edu)
with subject title “Computational Neuroscience undergraduate year-long
fellowship nomination”. Decisions will be made promptly thereafter.


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