Re: [visionlist] Low cost photometer/colorimeter

A question & a comment:

It would be really useful to know whether you (or someone) has Matlab software to read the Spyder.  If it’s custom-written (and doesn’t come with the device)  it might be possible to make such software freely available via the Mathworks ‘user-contributed’
website, or via the Psychtoolbox.

Comment: since luminance is invariant with distance, it shouldn’t matter in principle what distance the meter is at.

Mark Georgeson

Honorary Professor of Vision Sciences

School of Life & Health Sciences

Aston University

Birmingham, UK


From: visionlist on behalf of Farid Kandil Date: Thursday, 23 March 2017 11:36To: “” Subject: Re: [visionlist] Low cost photometer/colorimeter

Dear Dani,
yes, I have got a Spyder 4.
We use it as a photometer under Linux (Ubuntu).
In contrast to our Minolta L 110 photometer, this was much much much less expensive, of course.
The results are more stable than for the Minolta (since the are used for the  measurement is shielded).
In contrast, measuring with the Minolta gives more variable responses  depending on the exact angle

which with you shot. However, using the Minolta, you measure the luminance felt from the exact distance
of the subject. This is the most significant difference.
On 22.03.2017 14:42, Dani Linares wrote:

Any recommendation on low cost photometer/colorimeter?

Anyone has experience with Spider (



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