[visionlist] [IJCB2017: CROSS-EYED Competition 2017] Second intermediate submission results published!

The results of the Second Intermediate Submission were published on our website!

However, we are still evaluating two methods and we will update them at any moment soon.


We remind you that the final submission deadline is 10th of April. This will be a firm deadline considering that a report needs to be submitted to IJCB2017.



If any doubt arises please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!


Best regards,

The Cross-Eyed Competition organizers

James Ferryman, Lulu Chen and Ana Sequeira




********************************************************CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS2nd Cross-Spectrum Iris/Periocular Recognition COMPETITION

Cross-Eyed 2017

Organized as part of IJCB 2017http://http://ift.tt/2mMhsHv



We invite researchers working in the field of cross-spectral iris and periocular recognition to participate in the second edition of the CROSS-EYED competition:

“Cross-Eyed 2017 – 2nd Cross-Spectrum Iris/Periocular Recognition COMPETITION”.

The second edition of the CROSS-EYED competition is embraced by IJCB 2017 – International Joint Conference on Biometrics, to be held in Denver, Colorado October 1st  – 4th, 2017.  The CROSS-EYED competition aims to benchmark cross-spectral iris/periocular recognition algorithms. The benchmark dataset, CROSS-EYED, comprises images captured with a custom made dual spectrum imaging sensor, which acquires near infrared and colour images synchronously.


We invite you to make a submission to be evaluated in the Second Intermediate Submissions Evaluation.

You can submit to any of the two intermediate submissions or to the final submission only.



The competition website with further information can be found at   http://www.crosseyed.eu



Registration  – open  

Training dataset – to be released soon to registered users

First intermediate submission deadline – 30th January 2017 

Second intermediate submission deadline – 13th March 2017

Final submission deadline – 10th April 2017 (Firm Deadline)



** Organizers **

James Ferryman

Lulu Chen

Ana F. Sequeira 


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