[visionlist] Post-doctoral fellowships

Post-doctoral Fellowship in Visual Attention at the National Eye
The Krauzlis laboratory at the National Eye Institute is seeking
post-doctoral fellows. The goal of our research program is to
understand the neuronal circuits that accomplish visual selection
and attention, with a particular emphasis on the function of
subcortical mechanisms and their interactions with cortex. The
strategy of the experiments is to measure and manipulate neural
activity during the performance of visually guided choice tasks
using a range of techniques (e.g., ephys, fMRI, optogenetics,
viral-based methods). We use two animal models (non-human primates
and mice) and are especially interested in recruiting fellows to
work on rodent projects.
Candidates should have a strong background in systems and
computational neuroscience, with expertise in at least three of the
following areas: programming skills, especially using Matlab;
training animals on operant tasks; analysis of behavioral and
psychophysical data; recording and analysis of neuronal unit data in
behaving animals (non-human primates or rodents); optogenetics,
chemogenetics, and other viral-based methods; functional MRI;
computational modeling.
The position requires a PhD and is available starting in the fall of
Salaries will be based on experience and the NIH post-doctoral
To apply, or for more information, contact Rich Krauzlis
Applicants should send a CV, 1-page statement of research interests,
and names of 2-3 references.


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