[visionlist] CFP: CVPR Workshop on Vision Meets Cognition: Functionality, Physics, Intentionality and Causality

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 Third Workshop on Vision Meets Cognition: Functionality, Physics, Intentionality and Causality

                                                           FPIC@CVPR17                                        http://www.                                               July 21, 2017 @ Honolulu, HI                                             in conjunction with  CVPR 2017                               Submission Full Papers (6-8 pages): May 1, 2017                               Submission Extended Abstracts (1-2 pages): May 1, 2017***************************************CALL FOR PAPERSAlthough we’ve seen a recent boost of sensors in digital devices, e.g., virtual reality headsets, autonomous driving, smart home, IoT devices, advanced algorithms for processing and handling visual data in the backend are largely missing. One key challenge is that algorithms that can understand images, human behaviors, and social activities from sensors deployed in daily lives go beyond the traditional scope of image and scene understanding, and they are expected to be capable of answering queries much broader and deeper than “what is where”. The mission of this workshop is to (a) identify the key domains in modern computer vision; (b) formalize the computational challenges in these domains; and (c) provide promising frameworks to solve these challenges.In conjunction with CVPR 2017, our third Vision meets Cognition workshop will bring together researchers from computer vision, computer graphics, robotics and cognitive science, to advance computer vision systems going beyond answering “what is where” in an image and building a sophisticated understanding of an image about Functionality, Physics, Intentionality and Causality (FPIC). In effect, these abilities allow an observer to answer an almost limitless range of questions about an image using finite and general-purpose models. In the meanwhile, we also want to emphasize that FPIC is never meant to be an exclusive set of image and scene understanding problems. We welcome any scholars who share the same perspective but are working on different problems.Submissions should be relevant to our workshop theme. Several key topics are:
– Representation of visual structure and commonsense knowledge

– Recognition of object function / affordances

– Physically grounded scene interpretation

– 3D scene acquisition, modeling and reconstruction

– Human-object-scene interaction

– Physically plausible pose / action modeling

– Reasoning about goals and intents of the agents in the scenes

– Causal model in vision

– Abstract knowledge learning and transferring

– Top-down and Bottom-up inference algorithms

– Related topics in cognitive science and visual perception

– Applications of FPIC to augmented and mixed reality
IMPORTANT DATESSubmission Full Papers (6-8 pages) or Extended Abstracts (1-2 pages): May 1, 2017Notification of Acceptance: May 10, 2017Camera-ready Deadline: May 19, 2017


Chengfanfu Jiang, UPenn

Lap-Fai (Craig) Yu, UMass Boston

Yibiao Zhao, MIT

Ping Wei, UCLA, XJTU

Peter Battaglia, DeepMind

Tao Gao, MITFor more information: http://www.


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