[visionlist] [IJCB2017: CROSS-EYED Competition 2017] Deadline for Final submission approaching

********************************************************CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS2nd Cross-Spectrum Iris/Periocular Recognition

Cross-Eyed 2017

as part of IJCB 2017http://http://ift.tt/2mMhsHv



We invite researchers working in the field of
cross-spectral iris and periocular recognition to participate in the second
edition of the CROSS-EYED competition:

“Cross-Eyed 2017 – 2nd Cross-Spectrum
Iris/Periocular Recognition COMPETITION”.

The second edition of the CROSS-EYED
competition is embraced by IJCB 2017 – International Joint
Conference on Biometrics, to be held in Denver, Colorado October 1st
 – 4th, 2017.  The CROSS-EYED competition aims to benchmark cross-spectral
iris/periocular recognition algorithms. The benchmark dataset,
CROSS-EYED, comprises images captured with a custom made dual spectrum
imaging sensor, which acquires near infrared and colour images synchronously.


We invite you to make a submission to be evaluated in
the FINAL Submissions Evaluation.



The competition website with further information can
be found at   http://www.crosseyed.eu



Registration  – open  

Training dataset – to be released soon to registered users

First intermediate
submission deadline – 30th January

Second intermediate
submission deadline – 13th March 2017

Final submission
deadline – 10th April 2017 (Firm Deadline)



Organizers **

James Ferryman

Lulu Chen

Ana F. Sequeira 




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