[visionlist] Summer school in Neurogeometry


Summer School in




Dmitri Alekseevsky (Russian Academy of Science)

Giovanna Citti (University of Bologna)

Jean Petitot (CAMS – EHESS)

Alessandro Sarti (CAMS – EHESS/CNRS)



from July 2 to July 14 2017Palazzone of the Scuola Normale Superiore, Cortona, Italy



Jêrome Ribot

College de France 


Physiological properties of neurons in the primary visual cortex

Enrico Le Donne

University of Jyvaskyla


Riemannian and subRiemannian geometry in Lie groups

Davide Barbieri

Universdad Autonoma de Madrid


Harmonic analysis for modeling visual cortical functions 

Remco Duits

TU Eindhoven


Orientation score theory and its solutions to cortical PDE, ODE and Wavelet models 


Scope is to provide students at the end of Master classes or at the beginning of PhD school with an introduction to Neurogeometry.

Instruments of differential geometry in anisotropic structures and experimental brain data allow to build efficient models of the visual cortex,

with applications to image processing.

Theoretical courses will be held in the morning and complementary activity in the afternoon.

The registration to Cortona Neurogeometry 2017 course is open on line at


Deadline for applications is June 10, 2017.

A selection committee will meet shortly afterwards and all accepted foreign applicants will be notified of the result in due time.

Applications should contain a BRIEF CURRICULUM VITAE and a DETAILED CURRICULUM STUDIORUM and should. The exact e-mail address to which all correspondence concerning the Summer courses has to be mailed should be clearly stated


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