[visionlist] Parameters to assess global vs local viewing in an aesthetic judgment

Dear Vision List people,

I am currently looking for references on parameters that could be used on eye-tracking data to assess whether participants are globally vs locally looking at some kind of pictures during an aesthetic judgment. For this specific study, we assume experts would be looking at globally, whereas non-experts would be looking at locally, at a more detailed level.
I recently came across this paper (“Using coefficient K to distinguish ambient/focal visual attention during map viewing” by Krejtz, Coltekin, Duchowski, & Niedzielska; http://ift.tt/2ruAs1s ) but figured out people were looking at things for a much longer time than what we are planning to do, with such a long time allowing specific calculations we might not be able to compute: In our case, we are planning to show each stimuli for no more than 5 seconds (probably around 1-3 seconds), hence some limits in terms of number of fixations/saccades we will get.

Any thought/reference about the parameters we could use to assess global vs local viewing or about the duration we are planning to show the stimuli is welcome!


Coralie Vincent


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