[visionlist] PostDoc in MEG research on Attention

A full time Post-doc position will soon be available in the Magnetoencephalography (MEG) lab of Daniel Baldauf at CIMeC, University of Trento, Italy. The appointment will be for 2 years. The lab’s core research areas include the top-down control of attention, object-recognition and action preparation. We are especially interested in the roles of neural oscillations, neural synchrony, functional connectivity, and other measures of communication between different brain areas. Our methodological approaches mainly utilize MEG, but we supplement this method with other state-of-the-art neuroimaging tools (fMRI, DTI, TDCs, or eye-tracking) where possible.

We are interested in a highly qualified PostDoc with a doctorate in any relevant field (e.g., Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science) and shared interests in the core research areas described above. The researcher should have substantial experience with MEG methodology; experience with any of the other techniques mentioned above is also welcome.

CIMeC is an interdisciplinary research center, with international faculty and students pursuing cutting-edge research on the neural underpinnings of cognition. Top-of-the-line instrumentation includes research-dedicated MEG, fMRI, EEG, NIRS, TMS, TDCS and eye tracking solutions, as well as systems for studying kinematics. The center has recently been ranked the leading cognitive neuroscience research unit in Italy and keeps attracting leading international scientists. CIMeC is an English-speaking environment. The University of Trento is located in the midst of the Italian Alps, just north of Verona and only a few minutes drive away from Lake Garda. The area offers an extremely high quality of living with great opportunities for outdoor activities, sports, and recreation from all the great science.

Interested candidates should get in contact with Daniel Baldauf (daniel_baldauf@freenet.de).


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