[visionlist] Apple is hiring

Hi All,

Greetings!  I’m a recruiter for the Measurement R&D Team here at Apple. 

We develop instruments and algorithms, fixtures, infrastructure and diagnostic software to implement calibration and measurement processes at the factory for all products across Apple. They play a key role by working with cross functional teams including system/ product/ design, software, manufacturing & operations teams to architect the test line thats used for design characterization as well as mass production. This team plays a key role in keeping up the quality standards at Apple and making sure that our customers are delighted with the quality and experience of the hardware that they use.

This team gives you exposure to all the product lines at Apple. They characterize the various technologies embedded in Apple’s products: Display, Acoustics, Optical Sensors, Touch Sensors, Camera, PCBs, iOS/ macOS SW development and more.  Employees of this organization enjoy having a chance to lead the design of a complete and custom system that is instrumental in the design of all Apple devices.I have a few roles that I’m recruiting for that is has Computer vision, optics and imaging focuses.

I will attach here.  Feel free to reply to me directly with your resume if you are interested.




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