[visionlist] CfP BMVC 2017 workshop on Lip-reading using Deep Learning Methods

Call for Papers and Extended Abstracts

BMVC  workshop on â€œLip-reading
using Deep Learning Methods†

Date: September 7th

Location: Imperial College

Website: http://ift.tt/2sJSVKK

Lip-reading is a field of major importance for a wide range of applications, such as silent dictation, speech recognition in noisy environments, improved hearing aids
and biometrics. It lies at the intersection of computer vision and speech recognition, which are the two fields that pioneered deep learning methods. The aim of the workshop is to gather researchers on audiovisual speech recognition and lip-reading to disseminate
their work and to exchange views on the new potentials of the field created by the advent of deep learning methods.


Topics include, but are not limited to:

– Deep
Learning methods for Lip-Reading

– Audiovisual Speech Recognition
and fusion methods

– Combinations of probabilistic
and Deep Learning methods for Lip-Reading

– Visual units for Lip-Reading

– Audiovisual biometrics

– Tracking methods for Lip-Reading

– Multi-View Lip-Reading

– Audiovisual Speech Synthesis

– Lip-Reading and Audiovisual

should be formatted according to the BMVC template: https://bmvc2017.lon. 

Papers should be submitted through the following CMT site: http://ift.tt/2tjXqZt

papers will be included in the conference proceedings.

Extended Abstracts

Presentations not accompanied by a paper are also encouraged, in order to promote dissemination of recent and ongoing research. In the latter case,
a 2-page extended abstract is required. The extended abstracts are not considered to be publications and will not  be included in the conference proceedings. 

The deadline for submission of extended
abstracts is 24 August 2017


Submission Deadline: 10 July 2017

Acceptance Notification: 17 July 2017

Ready: 25 July 2017

Abstracts Submission Deadline: 24 August 2017

Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Andrew Zisserman, University of Oxford, Deep Mind, UK

Joon Son Chung, 

University of Oxford, UK

The Scientific Programme Committee:

Dr Gerasimos Potamianos, University of Thessaly, Greece

Dr Andrew Senior, Google DeepMind, London, UK

Dr Takeshi Saitoh, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

Dr Helen Bear, University of East London, UK

Dr Darryl Stewart, Queen’s University of Belfast, N. Ireland, UK

Xiaohua Huang, University of Oulu, Finland

Yannis Assael, Google DeepMind, London, UK

Brendan Shillingford, Google DeepMind, London, UK

Joon Son Chung, 

University of Oxford, UK

The Organizers:

Dr Themos Stafylakis, University of Nottingham, UK

Dr Stavros Petridis, Imperial College London, UK

Dr Georgios Tzimiropoulos, University of Nottingham, UK

Prof Maja Pantic, Imperial College London, UK

Stavros Petridis,

Research Fellow

Department of Computing

Imperial College London



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