[visionlist] Fully funded PhD position: Person perception in VR

*Person perception in virtual reality*

The BiomotionLab at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, is seeking
a new PhD student to fill a fully funded position to study perception of
social encounters with individualized, realistically rendered avatars in
immersive virtual environments. We aim to fill the position by September
1, 2017. Students are encouraged to apply who completed an MSc in Vision
Science, Neuroscience, Computer Science or Engineering. The main
prerequisites are: An genuine interest in Social Neuroscience, ample
experience with coding in Matlab and/or Python and at least some
exposure to 3D computer graphics and possibly computer vision.
Experience with Unity3D/C# would be a plus.

The candidate would become a member of the International Research
Training Group “The Brain in Action” which provides interesting
networking opportunities, a highly interdisciplinary research
environment, and the expectation to spend time at a collaborating
University in Germany: http://ift.tt/1wpADum.

Please email your statement of interest, your CV, and any question you
might have about this opportunity to troje@queensu.ca
, using the subject line “phd-1704”.


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