[visionlist] Journal of Vision New policy on Pre-print servers and improved reproduction of mathematical equations

Journal of Vision is pleased to announce a new policy on posting to Pre-Print servers. Specifically, manuscripts may be posted in draft form on a non-peer reviewed preprint server. Authors must update any postings to a preprint server with the journal published version, as soon as it is available, and provide an appropriate link on the archive site to the copy on the journal website. Authors further agree not to post further updated versions beyond the journal published version.

The full policy can be found at: (http://ift.tt/2rY32rt).

Additionally, Allen Press, our production vendor, has implemented the use of LaTeX for mathematical equations in published articles, starting with the June papers. The new process incorporates the features of MathJax (http://ift.tt/1CDPx3l). 

You can see several examples in this article: http://ift.tt/2rYnusa. If you right-click on the equations, you can access the MathJax features, like copying the code and resizing the math. 

We think this is a great improvement over the old way of displaying equations as images.


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