[visionlist] CIMeC workshop- October 19-21

Ten years of Mind/Brain
Sciences at the University of Trento – CIMeC, Italy


celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC) organizes a workshop on the future
of cognitive neuroscience.

WHERE and WHEN: The workshop will be held in Rovereto, Italy on October 19-21,

theme of the event will be centered around the question: “Where do cognitive
neuroscientists see Mind/Brain Sciences in ten

Deadline for poster submission: September

Workshop website: http://ift.tt/2tIStNA

The workshop has a limited number of available places. Potential attendees
are encouraged to register online as soon as possible.

Invited speakers:

Cristina Becchio – University
of Torino, Italy

Nadia Bolognini – University
of Milano Bicocca, Italy

Ruth Byrne – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Marco Catani – King College London, UK

Gustavo Deco – Pompeu
Fabra Univesity, Spain

Scott Fairhall – University of Trento, Italy

Randy Gallistel – Rutgers University, USA

Melvyn Goodale – Western University, Canada

Patrick Haggard – University College London, UK

Takao Hensch – Harvard University, USA

Zoe Kourtzi – Cambridge University, UK

Nikos Logothetis – Max Planck Institute, Germany

Emiliano Macaluso – University of Lyon, France

Tamar Makin – University College London, UK

Alex Martin – National Institute of Mental Health, USA

Louise McNally – Pompeu Fabra University, Spain

Satu Palva – University of Helsinki, Finland

Stefano Panzeri – Italian Institute of Technology, Italy

David Poeppel – New York University, USA

Tim Shallice – University College London, UK

Antonino Vallesi –
University of Padova, Italy


We look forward to seeing you there.

The Organizing

Miniussi, Yuri Bozzi, Veronica Mazza, Francesco Pavani, Luca Turella,
Massimiliano Zampini.


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