[visionlist] Updated code of B-COSFIRE filters for curved line detection

A new version (v1.3) of the MATLAB code for curvilinear structure delineation in images based on the paper:

“Trainable COSFIRE filters for vessel delineation with application retinal images” – Medical Image Analysis , Volume 19 , Issue 1 , 46 – 57

is available at: http://ift.tt/2tMKcrN

and on GitLab at: http://ift.tt/2um3yRN

The B-COSFIRE filters are useful for segmentation of:

– blood vessels in medical images
– roads and rivers in aerial images
– leaf nerves in natural images
– tiles in mosaics and textured images

– and so on…

The changes are:

– Example experiments added, which are in the paper “N. Strisciuglio, N.Petkov –
Delineation of line patterns in images using B-COSFIRE filters, IWOBI

– Correction of the approximated computation of the shifting

Best regards,

Nicola Strisciuglio


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