[visionlist] OPAM Submission Deadline Extended to July 20

******************************25th Annual Workshop on Object Perception, Attention, and Memoryhttp://www.opam.net/November 8–9, 2017 in Vancouver, BC******************************Deadline extended for abstract submissions!!

Abstract submissions for OPAM are now due July 20, by 11:59PM any time zone of your choosing!

Submit at http://ift.tt/2ueW3zf

Remember, to celebrate our 25th anniversary year, this year’s OPAM will include:

– Over 20 travel awards for talk and poster presenters!

– Expanded talk and poster sessions!

– A special interdisciplinary discussion, titled Discover Pasteur’s Quadrant: Four research communities that will inspire your work, including panelists Steven Franconeri (moderator), Sarah Creem-Regehr, Mary Hegarty, Kevin MacKenzie, and Tamara Munzner!

– Keynote speaker Jeremy Wolfe!

– Networking and mentoring opportunities!


Contact the 2017 OPAM organizers: opam.info@gmail.co

Eric Taylor, Emma Wu Dowd, Caitlin Mullin, & Briana KennedyJoin the OPAM Group on Facebook! https://www.facebook

**** OPAM 2017 Sponsors ****Visual Cognition – http://ift.tt/2uNSWLA Psychonomic Society – http://ift.tt/2uf7g2J Science Foundation: Perception, Action & Cognition – https://www.nsf.gov/SR Research – http://ift.tt/2uNSXiC – http://ift.tt/2ueYWjo – http://oculus.comDuke University – http://ift.tt/2uNEL9c of California, Davis – http://ift.tt/2ueNAMc George Washington University – http://ift.tt/2uNSXPE of Delaware – http://ift.tt/2ueW4Dj University Frankfurt – http://ift.tt/2uNQxRa of Arizona – http://ift.tt/2uf3PsB
UNSW Sydney – https://motivatedattentionlaThe Ohio State University – http://ift.tt/2ufbLKm – http://ift.tt/2uNQy7G Mellon University – http://ift.tt/2ueNLXZ Hopkins University – http://ift.tt/2uNEenJ


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